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I'm the girl who: • struggled with weight, • met a handsome prince {aka-personal trainer} who kicked my butt into something close to fit • continued struggling with weight • is completely addicted to food • found an awesome program that finally works • became a health coach • • is learning to deal with & gain control over my addiction to food. Thus, health confessions. The story of me, Karli, a foodaholic turned health coach & how it’s all going down. Here’s what you’ll get from this site: • Complete sincerity, honesty & self discretion. • Confessions; happy and...not so much. • success stories • Recipes, tips, tricks, and exercises • Encouragement for your personal health journey {If I can do it, EVERYONE can!} -Empathy for your i-fell-off-the-bandwagon days {trust me, I can relate!} • A good laugh most days {because laughing at myself is something I am really good at}. Enjoy!



    My role as a health coach is to assist my clients in reaching their goals for optimal health. I support, encourage, keep accountable, share, and am an available resource who’s “been there, done that.” I’m flexible. I communicate face to face and through phone/email/text.



    Every age. Both Genders. Every size.
    Anyone who desires better health by attaining a lower BMI, a different target weight, the ability to get off medications, and those who want to learn the habits to keep them healthy for life.

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    Reading is one of my all time favorite hobbies & ways to better myself. I have stacks of unread books around my house just taunting me with the possibility of sitting down and getting lost in their pages. There is just something happy about the anticipation of a good read for me. From time to time I’ll share some of my favorites. Feel free to share yours.



Confessions - My thoughts & stories about my journey to health. Having struggled with a food addiction throughout my life, this is my journey to finally reaching that balance point and becoming my best me. This is the real deal: the good, the fat, and the carby!


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    Have you ever experienced a period of discomfort when you realize something has to change in your life? Maybe it’s your health, your finances, your attitude, a relationship, or a career move. That’s been me for the past couple months. I’m 75 pounds lighter than I was in high school and college and because I’ve been able to basically maintain that loss for a period of over 10 years, I find myself getting pretty comfortable-even arrogant-at times. But lately I’ve had this nagging feeling. Because I still recognize and know some areas that need changing, habits that need broken and created, and attitudes that need adjusting.

    I grew up believing that knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss.

    I’ve learned over the past several years though, that having knowledge does not equate to having power. If simply knowing things made us powerful, we would all be unstoppable and none of us would ever struggle with personal weakness. We would identify a weakness, study up on it, acquire the necessary knowledge about that weakness, and it would suddenly & painlessly become a strength.

    We do ourselves a disservice when we say that knowledge is power. Knowledge is a commodity-we can access and gain it easily. There is a plethora of information available at our fingertips and it’s easy to learn what we need to know.

    But knowledge isn’t power. Applied knowledge is power. This means we take action with what we know. We DO something with the knowledge we collect. Without application, knowledge is worthless. In fact, I’d rather live in blissful ignorance than to know something that could be helpful to my personal growth and not apply it in my life. {IE-it was MUCH more fun to eat an entire pan of lemon bars before I knew what I know now about balanced healthy eating!}knowledgeisntpowerEnter the discomfort I’ve been feeling the past couple months. I KNOW what I need to do. I KNOW what needs to change. I have so much knowledge about all things regarding health that I even coach others on their journey every day….but that knowledge is really nothing to me personally if I’m not willing to actually take action and apply it in my own life.

    So I’ve been doing. I’ve been stopping to think about what I really want. I’ve been challenging myself about why I do certain things or why I resist doing others. I’ve been choosing activities, habits, and options that will take me toward what I want most instead of what I want now.

    And it feels good! And I’m empowered, because I don’t simply know things, I’m applying the things I know. THAT is the sweet spot. That is where the real power lies.

    What knowledge are YOU going to apply today?


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        Confession: I thought when I got closer to my goal weight-that illusive & magical number on the scale-somehow everything would be different and I’d suddenly be everything I ever dreamed of. I know, it sounds ridiculous now that I put it into writing, but I seriously thought some permanent mental shift would occur and suddenly I’d be left with no confidence issues, no feelings of lack, no questioning my worth, no enormous problems in my every day life…everything would just somehow work out.  That’s not been my experience, though.  I’m still me and my issues are still my …read more


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        I’m a huge fan of visualization.  Seeing something tangible helps me stay motivated.  I have a dream board in my kitchen office & I glance at it several times each day.  I keep a pair of goal jeans that I try on regularly to measure my progress.  I write daily affirmations, to do lists, goals, just because cards, and keep a meticulous food journal.  I like to see my progress on paper as much as in real life.  Does that make sense?  Can anyone else identify with that?I was recently introduced to a new app by my BFF.  …read more


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        I had two experiences last week that helped me realize I’m stronger & more capable than I know. Last week during one of my workouts, box jumps were one of the exercises.  I’ve been too chicken to try anything higher than the 14 inch box because even that feels like a big jump to me {this girl has NEVER been a jumper}, but I decided to try the 18 inch…and I did it!  Then I tried the 20…and I did it!  Multiple times!  It was a huge confidence booster and now I’m not as scared to try the …read more


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        It’s been six weeks since I posted THIS about my spring leaning challenge.  I finished my 42 days strong & LOVED the experience.  Yesterday was judgement day.  Weighing & measuring after six weeks of consistently working out a minimum of 5 days a week, clean eating, lots of water, and trying my best.  The results were: Six week Progress Weight: 155.0 {minus 8 pounds in 6 weeks} Six week Progress Bodyfat %: 25.2 {minus 2.9% in 6 weeks} It’s been said it takes a good four weeks for you to notice a difference in your body, 8 weeks …read more


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      I’m taking a cue from my favorite photographer and doing a TEN on TUESDAY style post today. It’s a “Favorites” edition.  Enjoy & share your favorites from this past week in the comments.  What’s lifting your spirits or making you smile this week?  Here are TEN of my recent favorites: Recipe: Roasted AsparagusClient Success Story: Wendy did awesome on plan!  Such an incredible example of being a fully integrated client.  She didn’t treat the program like a diet and has kept the weight off because of that!  She is a busy mama of EIGHT kids + runs her own …read more


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      Confession: I’ve struggled with the Jonah complex What is that?  Back in 2001, I found a fabulous article in Muscle Media magazine on this topic & tore it out and have saved it after all these years because it resonated with me so much.  {Husband was a subscriber & thank goodness he was-that mag had TONS of useful info!}  Larry Dossey, M.D., authored the article which was taken from a book he’d written titled Beyond Illness.  Here are a few of my favorite direct quotes from Dr. Dossey: “American psychologist, Abraham Maslow observed that we all have inner impulses …read more


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        Confession: sometimes my “free” meal turns into an all out free day. I’m talking, “I’m not accountable for anything that I put into my mouth because it’s my free day!” Or, “Because this is the only day of the week I’m allowing myself something ‘free’ {read: includes refined sugar of some sort}, I MUST eat all of the food today!” I turn into this desperate, out of control, sugar driven crazed person.  And, I feel really awful. Yesterday was kind of one of those days.  I had decided ahead of time I’d indulge in one or two things …read more


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        Confession: I am being very vulnerable today. 12 years ago when I met my husband {who was my trainer then}, he introduced me to a valuable measuring tool for health.  It was about a week after I’d began training with him and I still felt very middle-school-crush type feelings when I was with him.  After all, I was easily 70 pounds heavier than him and he was a very fit and very attractive guy.  I was totally crushing and didn’t think the feelings would ever be mutual.  Then he asks me to ride to town with him?  Um, …read more


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        I figured since I wrote about spaghetti squash Tuesday I’d share one of my favorite quick & easy ways to enjoy it.  First, cook your squash {easiest way for me is to poke holes in it all over using corn skewers, set it on a plate & microwave for 5 minutes.  Turn it over & microwave it again for 5 minutes.  Let cool a bit, cut in half, scoop out & throw away seeds, scrape out squash in spaghetti-like strands with a fork & store in a tupperware container in your fridge}.Quick Tuna Squash Dinner Bowl Put 1-1.5 …read more