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I'm the girl who: • struggled with weight, • met a handsome prince {aka-personal trainer} who kicked my butt into something close to fit • continued struggling with weight • is completely addicted to food • found an awesome program that finally works • became a health coach • • is learning to deal with & gain control over my addiction to food. Thus, health confessions. The story of me, Karli, a foodaholic turned health coach & how it’s all going down. Here’s what you’ll get from this site: • Complete sincerity, honesty & self discretion. • Confessions; happy and...not so much. • success stories • Recipes, tips, tricks, and exercises • Encouragement for your personal health journey {If I can do it, EVERYONE can!} -Empathy for your i-fell-off-the-bandwagon days {trust me, I can relate!} • A good laugh most days {because laughing at myself is something I am really good at}. Enjoy!



    My role as a health coach is to assist my clients in reaching their goals for optimal health. I support, encourage, keep accountable, share, and am an available resource who’s “been there, done that.” I’m flexible. I communicate face to face and through phone/email/text.



    Every age. Both Genders. Every size.
    Anyone who desires better health by attaining a lower BMI, a different target weight, the ability to get off medications, and those who want to learn the habits to keep them healthy for life.

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    It’s no secret I love food. All the best people do. I strive to eat healthfully & mindfully 90% of the time & love sharing my favorites with my readers. View Recipes…



    Reading is one of my all time favorite hobbies & ways to better myself. I have stacks of unread books around my house just taunting me with the possibility of sitting down and getting lost in their pages. There is just something happy about the anticipation of a good read for me. From time to time I’ll share some of my favorites. Feel free to share yours.



Confessions - My thoughts & stories about my journey to health. Having struggled with a food addiction throughout my life, this is my journey to finally reaching that balance point and becoming my best me. This is the real deal: the good, the fat, and the carby!


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    Confession: sometimes my “free” meal turns into an all out free day.

    I’m talking, “I’m not accountable for anything that I put into my mouth because it’s my free day!” Or, “Because this is the only day of the week I’m allowing myself something ‘free’ {read: includes refined sugar of some sort}, I MUST eat all of the food today!” I turn into this desperate, out of control, sugar driven crazed person.  And, I feel really awful. nothing-tastes-as-good-as-skinny-feelsYesterday was kind of one of those days.  I had decided ahead of time I’d indulge in one or two things on Easter Sunday.  I was perfect leading up to Easter, after all, and didn’t partake of any of the amazing sugary goodness abounding in our home & community and everywhere else we were.  I deserved it, right?  My first issue was that I didn’t make a plan for exactly what I wanted to indulge in.  So I went into it just craving everything.  If I had set a specific time/meal/item that I would have and that was it, I would have been MUCH better off {as an abstainer I need these definite sort of boundaries or I’m definitely going all the way opposite of what I want}.  I just didn’t feel good all day and it kept getting worse.  I didn’t even eat that much, but the quality of the things I did eat wasn’t great.  And, by the time 8:30 hit, I was sick to my stomach.  It just wasn’t worth it.  I fell asleep with a stomachache & got 9 hours {almost unheard of for a mommy of three} and woke up this morning refreshed, with a {mercifully} empty tummy & ready to hit this week running.  Also, I intend to make a definite plan for any off plan treats I decide to partake of in the future.  It’s not worth the headache, stomachache, and fatigue that come from choosing to overindulge. 

    The one encouraging thing to me was that I have been living so healthfully the past several months that I was able to quickly notice what really feeling BAD feels like.  In my past life, binge eating like that was an every day thing & I didn’t get sick because I already WAS sick and just didn’t know how great being WELL could feel.  Pretty cool realization. 

    If you’re sick & tired of feeling sick & tired, call me!  We can do this together!  I’m taking a few new clients through the end of this month.  541-216-2018 or zkyoufit@hotmail.com


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        Confession: I am being very vulnerable today. 12 years ago when I met my husband {who was my trainer then}, he introduced me to a valuable measuring tool for health.  It was about a week after I’d began training with him and I still felt very middle-school-crush type feelings when I was with him.  After all, I was easily 70 pounds heavier than him and he was a very fit and very attractive guy.  I was totally crushing and didn’t think the feelings would ever be mutual.  Then he asks me to ride to town with him?  Um, …read more


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        I figured since I wrote about spaghetti squash Tuesday I’d share one of my favorite quick & easy ways to enjoy it.  First, cook your squash {easiest way for me is to poke holes in it all over using corn skewers, set it on a plate & microwave for 5 minutes.  Turn it over & microwave it again for 5 minutes.  Let cool a bit, cut in half, scoop out & throw away seeds, scrape out squash in spaghetti-like strands with a fork & store in a tupperware container in your fridge}.Quick Tuna Squash Dinner Bowl Put 1-1.5 …read more


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        Confession: MOST times I just want the spaghetti instead of the squash. Spaghetti squash, that is. You know, you substitute spaghetti squash for spaghetti pasta noodles and it tastes exactly the same, right?…WRONG.  It doesn’t taste the same.  Because it’s NOT the same.  It’s a vegetable, not a pasta.  And although it’s a dang good substitute {and extremely yummy}, I’d rather go into it knowing that it doesn’t taste the same.  Or have the same texture.  Or smell.  Or yummy starchy goodness.  Don’t lie to me & pretend it’s “exactly the same!” I actually do love spaghetti squash.  …read more


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        Confession: Words often have the ability to make or break my mood. My primary love language is words of affirmation.  I love compliments {sincere ones, of course}, I love chatting with people, connecting with others through spoken & written word, reading amazing books filled with incredible words, quotes, speaking love into those around me, and sending notes of well thought out words to people I love.  Words are POWERFUL.  They tend to stick with us.  Although we all heard the old adage, “sticks & stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” we all know …read more


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        Confession: sometimes-because I’m a food addict and have to be aware of food on a seemingly constant basis-I play the victim card. It’s not pretty.  I feel sorry for myself.  I whine, bemoan my circumstances, cry to my husband about how it’s not fair!  It’s not fair that I can’t eat whatever I want, whenever I want, in the copious amounts I want!  It’s totally not fair that he {seemingly} can do those things {although he doesn’t}, and it’s not fair that I may have to work on my relationship with food my entire life. I play the …read more


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      Confession: I took my scale on vacation with me. Yep.  Last week the Mister and I took our boys and escaped to the mountains for a few blissful days of much needed R&R.  I majorly over packed, as I am generally prone to do, but one item I do not regret making room for despite it’s awkwardness is my scale.  I debated in my head beforehand, but ultimately decided to throw it in and boy am I glad I did.  My weekly weigh in day is Sunday and I am a strict once a week weigher.  Weighing daily just …read more


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        Confession: I cannot remember things. Seriously.  I rarely remember specific details of my childhood unless someone brings a story up that reminds me or I read through my journal/look through my scrapbook.  It’s totally sad because I had a wonderful childhood and I’d love to have a better memory of the day to day & big events.  Even to this day, I am an avid documentor {journal/picture taking, etc.} because I know if it’s not written down & captured for us & our kids, I will not remember!  How sad, huh? I do seem to remember several humiliating …read more


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        Confession: I don’t really like exercise. Gasp!  It’s blasphemous, I know!  Here’s the thing, though.  It’s not that I don’t like all exercise.  It’s just that the thought makes me hurt because I know it will be painful…at first.  I like it-even start to LOVE it-after I’m in a great routine.  It’s that initial few days/weeks that get me.  So I hadn’t been moving that much leading up to the New Year.  And by not that much, I mean as little as I could get away with and still be wonder wife & mom, haha! I gave my …read more


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        I love cool whip. {If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll remember THIS post}.  I know, I know…it’s not even a real food! Moment of total transparency: Wednesday I was feeling snacky and pulled a tub of cool whip lite out of the freezer. I grabbed a tablespoon & ate 2T. Then I ate a third. Moment of largely unprecedented victory: then I STOPPED what I was doing & stepped away from the cool whip, CHALLENGED whether continuing to eat cool whip would get me what I ultimately want (rather than instant gratification & delayed guilt), …read more