JUNE 2011


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    Confession: I totally don’t want to write this, but am forcing myself in the hopes that it will be therapeutic.


    Yesterday was day {8/30} and my one week marker {wednesday to wednesday}.  The scale was pleasing and I’m hoping that my bodyfat is going down as well.  It just wasn’t my greatest eating day.  Here’s how it went down:


    I got up later than expected and got working on business stuff, laundry, dishes, etc.  Got the boys playing and thought about going out to get my workout in.  Didn’t do it.  Some friends stopped by at 10-which I’d completely forgotten about and I still wasn’t even dressed for the day.  Lovely.  Visited with them & around 1 left to go grocery shopping.


    This is where the cycle started for me.  I have a few {okay several}, what I like to call, “Gateway Foods.”  Just like an alcoholic or an addict of any kind, there are certain things I am just not strong enough to have in my house because eventually-maybe not right at first-I will give in and have some.  Then I’ll think negatively and sabotage myself by having more and other things that aren’t going to help my progress.  It was also one of the worst times for me to be grocery shopping as I was EXHAUSTED {the lack of sleep is really starting to get to me} and food is always more appealing and tempting to me when I’m tired.


    Anyway, I was picking up Peanut butter & Coffee creamer for a friend, and otherwise wouldn’t have been in that aisle at all yesterday.  Since I was, I happened to see the Nutella sitting right by the Peanut butter.  Nutella is definitely a gateway food for me.  {Sidenote: if you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favor and DON’T.  Especially not on top of vanilla ice cream.  Just sayin}.  I looked at it and thought “no, it won’t help you reach your goal.”  I grabbed it and read the nutrition labels, compared it to peanut butter, and reasoned with myself that 1 tablespoon {a half serving} once a week or so wouldn’t be too harmful.


    The problem?  I recognized the fact that I was using justification at this point.  I knew what I was doing.  I knew I could never-at this point in the game-stop at one tablespoon.  I was the devil on my own shoulder telling me to just get it, that I was strong enough, that it couldn’t tempt me, that I was in total control, and that I could have Nutella in the house and not eat it.


    As I drove home I was already going over scenarios in my mind of how I could fit the Nutella into my eating plan for the day.  Definitely not good.  By the way, the stop-challenge-choose tactic wasn’t doing it for me either.  Because I chose for it not to.  And it turns out I am NOT strong enough to have Nutella in the house.  I’m not saying I’ll never be strong enough, I’m just not at this point.  I’m an addict.  It’s something I’ll have to be consciously aware of the rest of my life.  I’ve come to grips with that fact.  But sometimes I really hate it.


    I had at least 2 servings of Nutella yesterday.  In the whole scheme of things it’s not going to kill me.  It’s not going to derail 8 days or 1 year or 8 years of progress that I’ve made.  It’s not even something most people would think twice about.  But for me, it was a gateway to several other not great choices.  A handful of Doritos here, a couple slices cheese there, etc.  I was just being lazy about my choices and feeling crappy because I felt like I’d lost control, I’d given in to the monster of food that has challenged me my entire life, and the scariest part was that I just didn’t want to care.  I did and do care though, which is often my saving grace.


    Of course these choices {and the sabotage me-devil in my mind} made it nearly impossible to want to workout.  I figured I’d screwed up my day and would just start over tomorrow… Instead I laced on my shoes {at 10:30 PM}, got out there and did it, thanks in part to an encouraging husband.  It was half-hearted and short, just 22 minutes on the elliptical, but it was something.  It was good.  It got me feeling good enough to get a shower and get to bed for some much needed rest.


    As for the Nutella, I hid it from myself right when I woke up, but knew that on another day sometime in the future it might call to me, so I sent it with my sister to dispose of it for me.


    My point in writing this is not to justify my actions; rather to point out that in the past a lapse like that would have led to days/weeks/months of bad habits to crawl back from.  Instead, today {9/30} was better.  I got a much needed nap this afternoon, a great 50 minute weight lifting workout, better eating, and happier thoughts.  I even laughed about my craziness with a friend.  At this point for me, it’s not about being perfect at everything.  It’s about gaining control and tackling the deep-seated roots of food addiction that are mine.  Even when it seems like I take two steps forward and one step back, I’m still moving forward.  The journey is slower for me than some people, but I’m taking it.  And I’m learning and making progress the whole way.


    PS: I think for now I’ll stay away from the peanut butter aisle.


  • DAY {7/30}

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    This morning I woke up and went to my old high school to get my workout done.  A friend joined me after a while and we finished up together.  It was a good one!


    6:05 AM
    Track workout
    Warm up: 5 minutes
    30 minutes of the following:
    -1 Minute Running
    -1 Minute Speed walking
    Cool down: 5 minutes
    {joined by friend}
    Stadiums/bleachers: 10 minutes
    22 sets {12 singles up & down, 10 every-other up/singles down}
    Walking around track: 20 minutes
    Total Time: 70 minutes


    A bit about this workout.  It was so rewarding for me to be working out on “my” childhood track.  I did 17 laps there today.  Each time I would run around and count the lap number on my phone timer, I would smile & want to shout out loud, “I NEVER thought I would do this.  I wish my PE teacher’s could see me now!”  I was that girl who had every excuse in the book to miss out on the dreaded timed mile run.  Every stinking year it would come around again.  My time got slower each year.  I HATED it.  I loathed it.  Is there a stronger word?  If so, I felt it.  Curiously, I would tend to wake up sick that day.  Experience really bad cramps.  Have to lay down in the nurse’s office….stop in the middle because I just couldn’t go on, walk the entire last lap…or two…or three, etc.etc.etc.


    I remember 11, 12, 13 minute miles.  Now I can walk a mile in 13 minutes.  I can RUN a mile.  I can RUN 4 miles!  I can RUN.  I still don’t totally love the act of running while in it-my knees are giving me tons of issues before/during/after-but I sure love the act and feeling of running afterward.  I think I’ll visit the track from my childhood more often.  It’s definitely a good feeling to walk away having finished what I started.  It’s also empowering to be somewhere that in the past caused feelings of nervousness and nausea and to actually enjoy being there.  {Picture of me wearing a track tank at my 10 year reunion I wouldn’t have been caught dead in-nor would have fit into-10 years ago!}

    Total Water: 240 Ounces


    A couple hours after being home from the track, I tore half my big toenail off.  My foot has been throbbing all day and I’ve been wearing flip flops and avoiding my little’s clumsy feet like the plague.  Ouch! I have been totally craving carbs all day, too.  Not sure what’s going on, but it’s taken everything in me to not cave and have a big bowl of cereal, 2 cookies, a donut, etc.  I’ve had to consistently practice something I learned from Dr. A’s Habits of Health.  Stop-Challenge-Choose.


    Basically, I STOP when I’m tempted to eat something I know won’t be great for my body.  I CHALLENGE myself by deciding what’s up.  I CHOOSE to be better than before and distract myself with something else.  Dr. Andersen says, “By moving from mindless reaction to conscious awareness, you can avoid actions & behaviors that sabotage your long-term goals.”  What I found today during the CHALLENGE point was that I’m exhausted.  Sleep hasn’t been great for this mama in over a year, and the past few nights have been late getting to bed, waking up a couple times in the night, and early rising the next morning.  I happen to be a major “tired-eater,” so this is definitely one of my triggers.  I was aware of it today and laid on the couch for 25 minutes at one point, which helped a bit.


    The Stop-Challenge-Choose tactic doesn’t always work for me.  Sometimes I am just too stubborn and want instant gratification bad enough that I’m not willing to choose the better thing.  Today I was strong and hopefully that victory will spur continued victories in the days to come.

  • DAY {6/30}

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    Great day today.  Super productive, 35 minute nap, GREAT workout, uber exciting news I’ll share more about in the coming days, and time with all three of my favorite guys.  Here’s the dish on my workout:


    5:55 PM
    Warm up: 5 minutes {4.0}
    30 minutes of the following intervals:
    1 minute {7.0}
    2 minutes {4.0}
    Cool down: 5 minutes {4.0}
    Cool down: 3 minutes {3.5, 3.0, 2.0}
    Total Time: 43 minutes
    *I varied the incline from 2.0-4.0 throughout the workout


    I gotta say a bit more about this routine.  I knew I needed to run.  I wasn’t up for 30 straight minutes so late in the afternoon, but still wanted to challenge myself & work up a great sweat…and burn at least 500 calories.  I decided to try the sprint/interval thing.  I know 7.0 isn’t super fast for most people {8.5 min/miles}, but it’s fast for me.  Like, “I’ve never ran at 7.0 for longer than a 10 second period, ever in my life, ever.”  So yeah, I was stoked.  I could do it.  To quote Jenn, the amazing Feature Friday from last week, “My body was able.”  It felt so good!  I totally blew 500 calories out of the water, the workout went totally fast since I was mixing it up, and it was fun & challenging.  I could barely walk afterward-especially with the incline changes-but I couldn’t stop smiling.  Totally awesome!


    And, if you haven’t tried frozen grapes, do it.  They are so delicious.  Just wash your grapes, put them in a ziplock baggie in the freezer, & enjoy later.  Yum!  And, I totally dig the treadmill desk shown above…thinking I need this since I work from my desk so often…extra walking time.  Will keep you posted.


  • JUNE 27

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    Confession: I’m a self proclaimed binge-eater.


    Yesterday was day {5/30} and it went well.  It was also a Sunday.  Sunday’s are one of my favorite days of the week.  We go to church, I get the whole day with my family, we visit both our families, we take walks, we chill, we eat…good food…a lot.


    For as long as I can remember, Sunday’s have been a kind of free day as far as food goes.  It’s almost as if I’ve thought-and been exposed to others who thought-that what you at on Sunday’s didn’t show up.  You weren’t accountable for it because it was as if it didn’t happen.  Just a free day to try out all the things you’d been wanting all week.  Waffles, crepes, roast & potatoes, cakes & ice cream, cookies {and the dough-because we all know that’s the best part!}, and whatever else we scrounged up at our house & wherever we were visiting.


    I used to be super good all week and then Sunday would come.  I’d start with a good breakfast, a small snack a few hours later, and about lunch time, things would start to go downhill.  I tend to be a very all-or-nothing foodaholic, like I’ve mentioned before, and I’d tell myself, “You can have one thing after lunch.  One piece of homemade peanut butter bars.”  Then I’d eat a small serving.  If I’d been able to stop there, I would have been fine.  I’d have been a NORMAL person.  Not me though.  I’ve never been comfortable being normal.  In my head-even though I’d just consciously made the decision to eat it, taken responsibility for that decision, and been great with it-I’d start saying, “Great, now you screwed up your whole day.  Might as well just eat whatever you want & start over tomorrow.”


    The binge would begin.  I would eat whatever I could find.  Whatever sounded good.  A piece of that, a taste of that, a bowl of this, a bite of that.  To the point where nothing sounded or tasted good, and I was feeling such guilt & disgust in myself-and my lack of control-that it was totally not enjoyable.


    The next morning & day would be awful.  I’d get up feeling lethargic and sick.  I’d have to detox for a few days just to get back into a good routine.  I’d crave junk foody carbs for a few days.  I’d have a headache.  I’d think, “totally not worth it.”  I’d feel good again about Wednesday & do great thru Saturday.  Sunday the cycle would start again.


    While doing Phase One of TSFL, I didn’t succumb to this bad habit.  Since being in maintenance though, I have.  A few times.  Sometimes it would start on Friday night or Saturday and go throughout all of Sunday.  Even bigger yuck feeling come Monday!


    This past weekend I had my plan written out.  I knew what I wanted to do.  We spent the day with both our families.  There was good food galore at both places.  Husband’s mom made her delicious raspberry/cream cheese/cake dessert that is to die for.  My folks made delicious homemade ice cream with all the toppings.  I didn’t eat either of them.  And I didn’t feel left out.  I ate an apple & some Medifast Parmesan puffs {my fave} while everyone ate the cake.  I took my boys outside for a 40 minute walk & talked to them about what an amazingly beautiful world we live in.  The sunshine felt so awesome, too.


    I had a cup of my favorite cereal-Honey Bunches of Oats-when we got home, and that was a good enough “weekend treat.”  I didn’t binge.  I stayed on track.  I woke up feeling good this morning.  And although I sometimes miss my diet vanilla coke, I attribute a lot of what I was able to do yesterday to giving it up.  Water just doesn’t inspire me to eat lots of sugary carbohydrates like soda did.


    So, here’s to the small victory of a Sunday without binge-eating.  A Sunday of feeling good.  And especially to a Monday where I don’t feel like I’m starting from scratch again!

  • DAY {4/30}

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    Got up early to get my workout in.  I usually go a little more hardcore on Saturday’s, but didn’t have a lot of time this morning, so here’s what I did:

    6:30 AM
    Elliptical 31 minutes
    5 minutes abs

    Total Water: 160 Ounces


    Had a busy full day with a TSFL training this morning, Costco errands afterward, a delicious frozen MF brownie with 1 T. peanut butter & 2 T. fat free cool whip on top when I got home {had to throw that food piece in because it was simply DIVINE}, and a BBQ with friends & family tonight.  Perfect summer evening.  And, I enjoyed my chicken burger & watermelon without partaking of the ice cream bars/cones for dessert.  Woohoo!


    Here’s something as well.  It’s funny that it’s only been 4 days, but I feel SO much better.  I’m more confident, I can already feel a bit of room in my jeans, and I feel great accomplishing something good for me.  It turns out it’s so not about losing weight or bodyfat % once I get going…it’s about feeling good & being consistent for days at a time because it does great things for me inside AND out.  The outside sometimes takes a long time to showcase, but the inside responds immediately.  And that, my friends, is just so rad!


  • DAY {3/30}

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    Got up early this morning to workout, despite another rough night with kiddos.  Here’s what I did:

    6:30 AM
    Couch to 5k Program {week 9, Day 2}
    Walk 5 minutes
    Run 30 minutes
    Walk 5 minutes
    Eliptical 20 Minutes
    Total: 60 minutes

    Total Water: 240 Ounces


    It’s amazing what just getting up & doing it does for me.  It was a kick butt workout.  I was literally soaked with sweat from my hair to my toes!  I burned about 718 calories and it just felt awesome.  I stepped it up a bit this time from my Wednesday run {as far as speed} and it’s awesome to see my progress in that regard.  It’s one of those things that I despise beforehand & about halfway into it, and love the second half and after I’m done.


    My eating was on par, but I definitely felt super tired around 2:00.  I did get a nap from 3:00-4:15 and that helped a lot.  Had a delicious dinner & the bestie & her fam stopped by this evening for a bit, so all in all another great day!


    PS: Have you looked at Jenn’s Transformation??  Totally inspiring!



    talks about Lean & Green


    A friend shared this recipe with me & it will definitely become a regular in our dinner rotation.


    -Beat 1 egg in a bowl

    -Dip chicken or fish {I used tilapia} in egg & coat

    -Roll in a mixture of Parmesan cheese & italian seasonings

    -Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes


    *Also good as leftovers the next day.  Spray a pan with Pam or olive oil spray.  Set stove to medium-low & put chicken/fish from the night before in the pan.  Cover & let warm through.  Spray occasionally with a calorie free butter spray.  Flip & warm other side, spraying as well.  Sprinkle fish with lemon juice.  YUM!


    talks about Confessions


    Jenn has an incredible Take Shape for Life success story.  And, not only is she beautiful on the outside, she’s a genuinely nice person, too.  Jenn started the program on June 6, 2009 and weighed 334 pounds. She lost a total of 197 pounds taking her to 137 {in 15 months}. She’s since added 10 pounds of muscle to that frame and weighs 147. She has a 21% body fat composition!

    Here’s what Jenn told me about her journey:

    1. How has your relationship with your husband & kids changed since losing the weight?
    “My relationship with my husband Trey has changed dramatically. I was much heavier than Trey was and in my opinion I had worse habits than he did. So, before we went on plan I didn’t want to do anything that Trey wanted to do that was active. Even hiking was not enjoyable for me. Being outside in the summer was my own personal hell. With my daughter, Ava I just wanted her to sleep, lay still on the floor or sit quietly in her chair. All because my energy level was so massively low. Now all I want to do with either Trey or Ava is go do stuff. Anything. Everything. I want to go to the park and fly a kite, go on a short hike, go on a walk, do yard work, camp, etc. Anything that is active and together with them is just pure enjoyment.”


    2. What is a day in the life like now, versus then?

    “Before going on plan my day was the following: hit the snooze button 5 times before waking up, lugging my obese body out of bed, shuffle to the bathroom to start my shower, dreading the shower because even that required energy output, drying my extra long hair, dreading drying my hair because of the time and energy it took, dressing, eating breakfast which was normally toast with cinnamon sugar on it or eggo’s (you could have just hooked me up to an IV of high fructose corn syrup), getting Ava ready to get out the door and to daycare, taking Ava to daycare or going straight to the office, on the way to the office or a client’s office I would of course stop at McDonald’s or Burger King or something of the like to have another breakfast, buying a bag of pretzels or chips to snack through the morning, looking forward to lunch, buying lunch at a fast food place (take your pick on which one I would go to), buying something else for snacking on during the afternoon which was normally chips or chocolate and highly processed, looking forward to dinner, picking something else up to eat on the way home, greeting the family at the homestead, deciding with Trey on what to have for dinner, watch TV with the family, get Ava ready for bed, finally put Ava to bed with much irritation normally (because at this point in the day I was just simply exhausted), go to the kitchen to gorge on something that would allow me to feel better about my physical un-well being and then pass out on the couch. The important part to note on this is that during my days all I would do is think about my next meal, what I was going to eat, where I was going to eat and most shamefully was how I was going to hide what I was eating from my husband and eventually my daughter. I didn’t want Ava to get my habits of disease but I couldn’t stop the habits of disease either.”


    3. Favorite NOW Food?

    “My favorite healthy food would have to be a grilled chicken salad. I know it sounds boring, but a good chicken salad always lifts my spirits.”


    4. Tell a bit about your recent awesome adventure {Wild Canyon Games}.

    “Wild Canyon Games was an amazing event that I could write about for the next year. So many amazing moments that run through my head as I sit and think about the weekend. I would have to say the most amazing moment for me was when I made it up the last half of communication hill. And for anyone who knows what that is like you can put yourself in my shoes. For the rest of you the last half of communication hill is ¼ mile with an elevation change of 1,000 feet. There are times when I was walking at a 45 degree incline. It was rough. It was hard. I was tired. My lungs hurt. And through all of that I was exhilarated. I was exhilarated because my body was ABLE to do the things I asked of it. My body was able to walk the first section of communication hill. My body was able to run/walk the second half of communication hill. My body was able to walk down the whole hill. My body was able to run to where my husband was waiting to start his section of the relay race. My body was able to cry on my husband’s shoulder because I had accomplished something that I was extremely proud of. My body was able.


    5. What is your favorite place/thing/device/motivator that helps you stay in shape now?

    “My motivator is Ava. She literally is a my little health coach. If I am eating something too fast she tells me. If I am thinking of choosing a food that should be a sometimes food she asks me about it and she asks if I am making the healthy decision. I watch Ava at school, at the park, with her friends and her health motivates me to make sure she doesn’t learn any habits of disease from me.”


    This is a VIDEO of Jenn’s story that is so inspiring & worth the 4 minutes it takes to watch it.  Way to go on reaching your goals Jenn and for continuing your journey to ultra-health!  You are amazing!


    *Results will Vary.


  • DAY {2/30}

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    Oftentimes while going through my days, they feel long.  I feel like 30 days to do anything is SUCH.A.LONG.TIME.  I feel like any good choices {even over a term of 30 days} can’t possibly affect me visually or physically, and that there is no way I can get the goals I’ve set in a 30 day period.  But, I make the good choices and plow through those feelings.  Then I get ready for bed at the end of the day and I think, “Dang!  2 of my 30 days are gone!  I only have 28 days left!  Did I make the most of today??”  While in it-much like the daily life with raising children-the days seem so long, and the months & years seem to fly by.


    Today was a great one.  I was up a few times in the night with kiddos, so I didn’t jump out of bed to get my workout done first thing, which is definitely my preference.  Instead, I did the morning routine, breakfast, work, etc., and then did my workout this afternoon.  Eating was great {a good friend brought me a 1/2 flat of raspberries from Costco-delish postworkout snack combined with 1/2 c. cottage cheese}.  I felt good & know that even though I’m not seeing any changes in the mirror yet, they are there.  They are coming.  And I’m planning on them being awesome!


    I did not want to workout this afternoon in the heat…rather, I wanted to take a nap.  But I got my butt out in our {super hot} garage, turned on my Katy Perry Pandora station, and hit it.  Here’s what I did:


    Start Time 3:31 PM
    Warm up: 10 minutes on Elliptical
    Dumbbell Bench Press
    3 sets x 15 reps @ 20 lbs.
    1 set x 15 reps @ 30 lbs.
    Dumbbell Flies
    1 set x 15 reps @ 15 lbs.
    25 jumping jacks
    Lat pulldowns
    3 sets x 15 reps @ 35 lbs.
    1 set x 15 reps @ 45 lbs.
    1 set x 15 reps
    25 jumping jacks
    Seated dumbbell shoulder press
    3 sets x 15 reps @ 10 lbs.
    1 set x 15 reps @ 15 lbs.
    Side Raises
    1 set x 15 reps @ 15 lbs.
    25 jumping jacks
    Bench Dips
    3 sets x 15 reps
    1 set x 15 reps {legs up}
    1 set x 15 reps @ 15 lbs.
    25 jumping jacks
    EZ Bar Curls
    3 sets x 15 reps @ 15 lbs.
    1 set x 15 reps @ 30 lbs.
    Slow Up/downs
    1 set x 15 reps @ 15 lbs.
    25 jumping jacks
    Cool down: 5 minutes on Elliptical
    End Time: 4:28 PM

    Total Water: 256 Ounces

    Eating: Good.  I felt like I wanted to snack this afternoon, but tried just downing lots of water.  Throughout the afternoon/evening I had 4 sugar free mints.  Not necessary, but helpful.  Here’s to getting more sleep tonight…please!  And another exciting Feature Friday coming tomorrow!


  • DAY {1/30}

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    Got up early to go have my body composition taken {aka: bodyfat test}.  I truly feel that this is the best number to know & be aware of when trying to lose weight and in knowing how healthy you are.  Instead of measuring by a number on the scale, it is based on how much fat vs. muscle you are carrying on your body, and the lower the number, the leaner you are…which is the goal, right?  I seriously wish they’d have done this test in high school rather than just weighing us.  I just know there were tons of skinny fat girls who were so happy with their 107 pound bodies…little did they know they had 72% bodyfat!  Not bitter about THIS experience at all.  Anyway, go have yours tested.  Like ASAP.  It’s a seriously good number to have.


    Admittedly, I’ve always liked having it done.  There is something motivating about knowing that number and then having a goal in sight, regardless of how high the number is at test-time {my first test at my heaviest weight was over 35%}.  I’m partial to the bio-impedence testing.  I feel like calipers are subjective based on who is testing you, and the handheld device isn’t as accurate, in my opinion.  Before going, I made sure I was extra hydrated and hadn’t eaten or exercised in eight hours.


    The trainer doing the test placed a sticky tab on my foot/ankle, and hand/wrist and then hooked those up to a machine.  I laid on my back & she ran the test twice to insure the results were the same.
    Want to know what the result was?


    27.7% Bodyfat


    Sigh…That’s high.  Initially I was a bit upset in my head, thinking that with all the weight I’ve lost, it should be less than that.  Then I started thinking about the composition of the weight I still have.  It’s fatty.  Not muscular, lean, or fit. I’ve lost weight.  But I’m essentially a smaller version of my larger self. (:
    So, I have a starting point as far as body composition goes.  Let’s see where I can get in 30 days.  I’m not sure what’s possible, but I’d like to aim for a 3.7% loss in that 30 days, leaving me at 24%.  My ultimate goal is 17-18%.


    Today's workout: {3:15 PM}
    Couch to 5k Program {Week 9, Day 1}
    Walk 5 minutes
    Run 30 minutes
    Walk 5 minutes
    Elliptical 20 minutes
    Total: 60 minutes


    Total Water intake: 224 Ounces


    And a quick tip:  The times where I plan my weeks {or days} in advance, I am much more successful.  The times where I keep a food journal I am more successful.  So last night, I spent an hour on the couch cuddled next to husband while he watched a Blu-Ray and I wrote up an eating plan for the week.  I’m using the Take Shape for Life maintenance plan.  Here’s a glimpse:



    Overview of today: I feel good.  It was 95 degrees outside which was awesome.  My workout lacked something.  I ran the whole 30 minutes but had a hard time catching a deep breath which I hate.  My right knee was bugging a bit, too.   Super glad when it was over.  Eating was on par & wonderful.  Yummy, yummy food.  Water intake=great, and hoping to even crash into bed at a decent hour.  Feeling pretty pumped about day one!