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    Confession: I still want to cry when I remember that Gilmore Girls is over.


    Best show ever.  I own all 7 seasons.  I love every single character.  I want to live in Stars Hollow.  I want to be a cool mom like Lorelai.  Okay, I just want to be Lorelai period.


    One thing I especially loved-and knew was somewhat unrealistic-was the fact that those girls-especially Lorelai-were ALWAYS eating.  She NEVER exercised.  She ate whenever and whatever she wanted and I honestly don’t remember a time when what she was eating wasn’t completely and horribly bad for her body.  Yet she never had weight issues.  She looked great in her clothes.  She thought about and talked about food often, but didn’t gain weight.  It was the ultimate dream food life in my eyes.

    Here’s an excerpt of a conversation between Lorelai & her daughter Rory from one episode that illustrates what I’m talking about:

    {taken from Season 3: “A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving”}
    L- Rory, what are we, if not world champion eaters?
    R- it’s too much food.
    L- It’s not too much food.  This is what we’ve been training for our whole lives.  This is our destiny.  This is our finest hour.
    R- Or final hour.
    L- No, no.  Get inspired & tomorrow I guarantee you, we will be standing on the Olympic platform receiving our gold medals for eating.  We are not Michelle Kwan-ing this.”


    See?!  They are foodaholics, like me! (:  Love this show, I tell you.  Watch it if you haven’t, the witty banter is a balm to my soul.  Okay, it makes me laugh every time, which is practically the same thing.


    The truth is, I’m not Lorelai {and neither is Lauren Graham in real life-despite what I tell my husband}, and I can’t get away with eating whatever I want and not exercising.  It’s okay though, I’ve dealt with that truth and am doing everything I can to reach my personal level of ultra-health.  It’s all good.


    Except that I do wish my life was set to music.  Just not the scary parts…


    talks about Confessions


    So my thirty day experiment ended last Wednesday-which was actually 28 days-but four weeks since I started.  It was also the day husband and I left for Florida.  We didn’t get back till Sunday {more on that later}, so I still haven’t had an updated body-fat test done, but I will-no worries.  At the time of the four weeks though, I’d lost 7 pounds of scale weight which I was happy about, improved my running & exceeded my previously longest run {4 miles} to 5.05 miles, so that was progress.


    I continue to feel good.  I continue to write down new goals and have a desire to do and be better.  To do and be more.  I’d like to have my blood work done and see how that part of my body is doing.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the “mirror view” and only care about what my daily choices are doing for me on the outside.  If I think about it carefully though, it’s really about the benefits happening on the inside.  The part that might just keep me around a lot longer.

    With that said, I am still a long way from perfect.  My eating has left much to be desired some days.  I didn’t get enough water this past weekend.  I have been averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night-not enough by the way-and I don’t always manage my stress the most effectively.  And sometimes I don’t get my workout in till 10:15 at night {pics taken just a few minutes ago as I’m gearing to get my workout done as soon as this post is finished}.  But I’m trying.  I’m taking baby steps forward, and that is worth it.


    So what’s next?  In one month and one day, August 27th, I will be doing this race: http://www.thedirtydash.com/.  I know, WHAT AM I THINKING??  I have never been one for organized competitions, and especially team competitions.  I like to do my own thing, go at my own pace, and am generally just happy if I finish.  A friend from high school put a group together and invited me to join.  I hesitantly {after much thought/prayer/anxiety} said yes & joined the group.  I immediately had “joiner’s” remorse.  What if I can’t finish?  What if I hold the team back?  What if I break my ankle in the mud?  What if I can’t climb that stinking wall??  {That’s really my biggest fear-I don’t have a lot of upper body strength}.


    But, I signed up.  And that’s half the battle.  So for the next month I’ll be continuing my 10k training and weight lifting, doing my best to make great progress on both my inside and outside while I’m at it.  Wish me luck.


    And please don’t tell me to break a leg.



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    So you might remember Jenn, the hottie Feature Friday posted about a few weeks ago?  Guess what?  She has a husband.  Who also did the Take Shape for Life program.  This is Trey.  He was incredibly successful as well and lost 105 pounds in 8 months.  Super awesome!  Trey is the real deal and is completely and fully living his life in optimal health now.  Here is what he told me.

    1. How has your relationship with each other & your daughters changed since losing the weight?

    “Our relationship and our family life have both improved. Where we used to come home and spend time in front of the TV after cooking a pizza in the oven, we now spend time planning and cooking our meals together. Our youngest daughter is getting to help us when we need it, and she’s wanting to be a bigger help. Our older daughter whom we get to have every other weekend, is also more in the process of thinking about the food we are going to have as well.

    Jenn and I spend more time together now also because we have energy. This was the case during the weight loss phase when our energy increase was due to fat-burning and it has continued to maintenance as well.”


    2. What is a day in the life like now, versus then.

    “A day in the life: Up by 6:30 in order to get out the door to take Ava to school by 8:15. We fuel up the family with a good breakfast so that we start our metabolisms off correctly.

    Now that I’m self employed with TSFL, I either go to the gym for a short workout or head to the office that Jenn’s accounting business shares with our Road to Health business. I spend a few hours either contacting clients or doing emails and Facebook. I love the networking that I get to take care of now.

    We are constantly fueling our bodies throughout the day. Often time we will walk down to the local Subway where they recognize us and know that we will be getting two Grilled Chicken salads with double meat. This is a great option for those that are in the weight loss phase of our program or those that want a great lunch option without all the carbs.

    In the afternoon one of us will go pick up Ava from school and bring her back to the office for about an hour or so of wrap-up work. We head home to make dinner and listen to some Adventures in Oddysey that we check out from the library instead of turning on the TV.

    Our evenings are sometimes filled with business related calls or just spending time together as a family. One thing that I’m looking forward to this summer is getting to spend time just being together without having to get homework completed.”

    3. Favorite Healthy food?

    “My favorite healthy meal is a smoked salmon portion with asparagus and a salad. This something that we didn’t prepare a lot while we were in the weight loss phase, but has become a favorite when we do have it. Both of us have become fanatics for asparagus. This is something that we never had before starting the program but really enjoy now.”


    4. Tell a bit about your recent awesome adventure {WCG}.

    “Wild Canyon Games 2011 was my second time competing. Last year I went and celebrated the new life that I had been able to create. It was one year exactly from the time that I had started the program and changed my life.

    Last year my goal was to survive the events. I rode the mountain biking portion of the triathlon relay (12.5 miles of up and down on pavement, dirt and rocky paths). This year I took part in the geocaching which is a high tech Easter Egg hunt in the hills, valleys, rocky crags and stream beds of Central Oregon. My partner and I calculated that we mountaineered (run, walk, climb, descend) more than 17 miles in the 5 hour time span. It was so much fun to get out and run the game trails and look back on what I had been able to create in the last two years.

    The most awesome point for me was having Jenn out there with me. She wasn’t able to go last year, so to be able to share this adventure with her this time was priceless. The one thing that I will never forget was seeing her running down the road to the starting point for my 1/2 mile sprint on Sunday morning after she had run/walked to the top of a very tough Communication Hill. We spent several minutes in each others arms hugging and crying. It was one of those moments that words did not need to be said because we both knew the impact of this weekend, and more importantly the previous two years, on our lives. It still brings tears to my eyes to remember her running toward me.”

    5. What is your favorite place/thing/device/motivator that helps you stay in shape now?

    “I have several motivators that keep me on purpose about what I’m doing. The first is my health. I have an autoimmune disease. It was the main motivator for me to begin the program. After a year and a half of treating it with chemo and steroids there was really no improvement. I knew that I was not at a healthy point and that what I was putting into my body was not helping me. It was time for a change and time to stop living a selfish life.

    My disease has improved dramatically since I started the program. Where I once had 8-10 nodules in my lungs, I now have only four and those are continuing to reduce in size. I am at a healthy BMI now and at a point that I believe allows my body to do what it is designed to do; heal itself and give the modern medicines and ancient therapies the best chance of succeeding.

    Motivator number two is my family. When we started the program we did it with our family in mind. We didn’t want our girls to have to go through what we went through. They needed to have the tools to succeed in living a healthy life that we did not have at that point. My goal now is to continue to be a healthy example for my daughters and to always be a point of pride for them.

    Lastly, my clients are a motivator. I know that by teaching them the lessons that we have learned, they will be looking at me and how I’m incorporating them in my life. I need to be leading by example. The worst thing for me would be to have one of my clients, or even someone that I spoke with about the program, see me taking a huge diversion from what I claim are the habits by which we all need to be living.

    When will my journey be over? Never. As our business coach says “I want to slide into the grave sideways at 110 saying “What a ride.””


    Isn’t that AWESOME?!  I get chills every time I think about how much their relationship has to have changed.  It’s like they both were married to new people!   Happier versions of the same person, for sure.  Trey, thanks for being a great example and for doing what it takes to stay healthy as well!


    *Results will vary.



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    Confession: In the past if I didn’t get my workout done first thing in the morning, I wouldn’t do it.


    I love working out first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.  I feel more productive, get it out of the way, have my day start on a good foot.  I like not having that full feeling going on in my belly and the fact that mornings are a great time for me to think about and plan my day, which I can do each morning when I kick my butt in gear and wake up to get my workout in.


    The thing is, I have kids.  And me and the husband are entrepreneurs and running two businesses…a lot of which is done out of our house.  Also, I like my husband.  And sometimes the only time we have to chat is late into the night after kids are in bed and work is finished, and the house is clean.  So I’m not getting as much sleep as I’d like lately.  And I’m definitely not feeling the bug to wake up at 5:00 AM each morning.  6:45-7:15 is plenty early these days.


    This would still be a great time to do my workout, except for the fact that at least one kiddo seems to wake up around 7:30 and then the craziness that fills my days begins {it’s a good crazy-but a busy one}.


    Because I’ve trained myself to workout in the morning, I totally dreaded doing it at any other time.  So I would skip a workout.  Promising to do it the next morning.  Scheduling it into my routine.  Then, the routine would be changed unexpectedly and I wouldn’t do it again.


    Lately, though, I’ve been changing.  I’m just doing it whenever I can get it done.  As soon as I stopped putting expectations about it on myself, I had more freedom.  Sometimes it does get done first thing, like this morning when I had a fabulous 60 minutes on the treadmill for my Bridge to 10k program.  Sometimes it gets done at the end of the night, like last Thursday when I hopped on the treadmill at 8:38 PM for 60 minutes of blissful endorphin releasing.  I’m not feeling sick working out later in the day either, because I’m eating well.  Small portions-usually Medifast meal replacements for three of my meals, and three other balanced meals in between.  This is allowing me to burn the food more quickly so that I’m not running in the evening with a side ache from eating too much junk!


    Husband and I were talking about it and he suggested I not put any “rules” about when & where I have to workout.  Instead, I should adopt the belief and behavior that it doesn’t matter when I do it, so long as I JUST DO IT.  It’s great to have a schedule-I tend to thrive on one-but it’s not always realistic with small kids and a thousand other things going on each day.


    In the past I’d let whether or not things went according to plan dictate whether I got my workout in or not.  Now I just get it done regardless of what time of day, where I’m at, or what I have to do.  I’m being flexible.  Adaptable.  Molded into something better.  No excuses. And I’m finding it suits me.  Turns out I really like a good afternoon lifting routine.  And I like a long arduous hill walk in the evening.  And I’m learning to like running at all different times of day.


    Oh, and I feel really good about it, which is the greatest bonus.


    Image via Pinterest.



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    9.5 years ago when I met my husband-trainer at the time-he introduced me to an amazing resource.  Now I want to share it with you.




    Sounds simple, right?  This site is a phenomenal one, filled with resource upon resource to help you accomplish your goals.  We have faithfully bought any and all supplements, meal replacements, and/or workout gear {aside from clothing} here exclusively and never been disappointed.  Their shipping is ridiculously fast, we usually receive our order within two days of putting it in!  They have everything and we love them.


    Moving away from the shopping side-which is awesome, they have an incredible database of before & after stories, workout routines, meal ideas, etc.  If you’re looking to lose weight and wanting the nutrution side, I’m biased and would tell you to try TSFL before doing anything else, but as far as the exercise portion goes, check this site out ASAP.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

    I want to explain how to navigate through the site & get some great workout routines-I’ve done several of these myself and love them.  All can be done in a gym or adapted in your homes, so no excuses, right?  Here’s the drill:



    Find A Plan

    Scroll down, click your Gender {Male or Female}

    Click Your Goal {Fat Loss or Muscle Building}

    Click Your Age

    Click START NOW in the Main Box

    Click on the Training Chapter

    Click on Day 1: Training {at the bottom of the workout is an option called Print this Workout-do it}

    Print the consecutive trainings off as well.

    Do them. (:  They have pictures of each lift and video explanations if needed.


    While you’re on the site, make sure you browse around a bit.

    Here are some of my favorite things:


    Chocolate Supreme Protein Powder

    Female Transformations

    Fitness Calculators


    And, no, I didn’t get anything for writing this post, purely a personal love and passion, although now that I think about it, I am a dang good advertiser for them! (:  Let me know what you try and how it goes!


    {image via Pinterest}


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    One of the things I crave a lot of times is a really good sandwich.  I’m a carboholic & bread is one of my mainstays.  I prefer chicken over beef, and one of my favorite not-so-great foods for me is a chicken sandwich.  Crispy, please.
    I came up with the following & it is just as satisfying as a Crispy chicken sandwich…without the stomachache & guilt afterward!


    -In a pam sprayed frying pan, cook a sweet carmelized onion Chicken burger {Amylu brand-from Costco} by searing on medium heat for 2-3 minutes each side.

    -Toast one 100 calorite Bagel or Sandwich thin {whole wheat}

    -Spread one wedge light laughing cow swiss cheese on one side of the bun

    -Spread 1 T. BBQ sauce {I like Sweet Baby Ray’s} on the other side

    -Lay burger on the bun, add lettuce & sauteed peppers if desired, & eat.

    -Serve with a side of steamed veggies and ENJOY!




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    Confession: My love language is words of affirmation.


    Admittedly, I’m greedy and I really like them all…Physical touch, Acts of Service, Gifts {who doesn’t, right?}, Quality Time, but I primarily thrive on words of affirmation.  I love a good, sincere compliment.  From a stranger, a friend, a family member, someone I admire & respect, someone who rarely hands them out, etc.


    Some people may view the need for this language to be spoken as being needy, codependent, weak, or having a lack of confidence, but I don’t see it that way at all.  As much as I love it, I don’t require this from everyone.  Of course I enjoy receiving validation and affirmation regarding the things I work hard at.  I don’t, however, care so much that every single person I meet adores me, or whether I’m pleasing everyone around me, and I can even handle-most times-when people criticize or give me feed back.


    But there are a few key players in my life whose words of affirmation are vital to me.  I would continue to do the things I do regardless of what they thought-because I have always been a believer in standing for and doing what you think is best for you-but having their approval or excitement for me makes it that much better.  And these people aren’t just pretending to be happy for me when something great comes along, they are genuinely and unconditionally ecstatic for me.


    One of these is my husband.  He is one of the most sincere and honest people I know.  And, he’s complimentary.  He compliments my cooking, my mothering, the way I run my business, the parties I throw, and daily tells me he likes me, he loves me, that I’m his best friend.  He tells me I’m doing a good job with my workouts, that I’m super strong when I decline certain desserts.  He’s not over the top, gushy, or excessive, and the compliments aren’t a 24/7 thing.  He’s just a naturally grateful guy and he vocalizes that.


    Saturday morning though, he took my breath away.  I was up in the night several times with our youngest.  Tired that morning, I threw my hair up in a messy bun with 2 handfuls of bobby pins, wore my old baggy sweats & a t-shirt, and got the kids breakfast, put a load of laundry in, and got ready to run.  Z came out and looked at me-a sight to behold, I’m telling you-and said, “Babe, look at me.”  I did, while also thinking I needed to get the towel he’d just used in the washer.


    He then said, "You look fabulous.  I'm so proud of you. I see your 
    body changing every day.  You're beautiful." He hugged me tight, 
    kissed me, and soon left for work.

    His compliment though; completely unexpected, unwarranted, and sincere, stayed with me long after he left.  What had started out to surely be a tired, possibly grumpy day, was completely flipped around.  I tied on my runners & jumped on the treadmill and did my Bridge to 10k workout.  I can honestly tell you it was my most enjoyable run to date.  Nothing hurt, my breathing was even, and I was smiling & giddy because of the words Z had left me with-a seemingly small thing to him-but a HUGE thing for me.


    He spoke my language and made my day, which in turn made me want to be and do even better.  I challenge you to sincerely speak someone’s love language to them today-it’s a seriously powerful motivator.



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    Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the bazillion things I have to get done by next Tuesday night and I am so frazzled I can’t even sit still long enough to write a to-do list, which is usually my go-to stress therapy thing!  Anyway, today’s post is a bite random, so enjoy.  And, while you’re all commenting-because I love me some comment love-ask any questions you have & I’ll do a Q&A post next week.


    1. Want an update on my 30 day experiment? Okay, here it is.  Things are going okay.  The scale hasn’t moved as much as I’d like {4 pounds so far}, but I feel really good.  I’ve only missed 2 days of working out and felt yucky both days.  I finished my “Couch to 5k” program on July 8th and started the “Bridge to 10k” program {which takes off where the 5k one ended} on July 11th.  Wow, it’s kicking my trash.  Wednesday I went 5.048 miles which is the furthest I’ve gone in years and second furthest I’ve gone ever…{did 6 miles one time a few years ago}.  I love the program though and that it’s just three days a week which is doable.  Yesterday was an off day as far as feeling okay about myself.  I tried on clothes which I usually like, but nothing looked cute and I was totally depressed.  Hadn’t gotten my workout done either and I was still in my sweats since I’ve adopted the policy of a previous Feature Friday client, Tara, who suggested staying in your workout clothes till it’s done.  Well, yesterday, it ended up being 8:38 PM.  Got my boys in bed and climbed on the treadmill when I really would rather have cuddled on my couch with a book.  I plugged my headphones into my iPhone and watched a show on Netflix while doing 60 minutes of high paced incline walking.  It was a kick butt workout & I was drenched by the end, which made me feel a lot better.  Eating has been good.  Trying to find the balance of what my body can handle in maintenance.


    2. Want to know a pet peeve of mine?  Tweeters {peeps who tweet on twitter}, who don’t reply to questions/posts/etc.  I’ve noticed this phenomenon mainly affects Famous people {certain music artists, authors, and movie stars I follow}, but I think if they want people to follow them on twitter and consequently think they are cool, they should occasionally tweet back.  I mean, seriously, are they that busy?  It really would be good twitter etiquette.  I’m just sayin.  And by the way, if you’re on Twitter, come find me…because I actually tweet back sometimes!  @healthconfess


    3. Husband and I watched a couple good flicks this last week.  First we watched, “Just Go With It.” Totally loved it.  We laughed a lot and I always love Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston, so it was a win from the start.  And, Nicole Kidman has super nice abs in that movie.  Next we watched “Tron,” and we both liked it a lot although I had an easier time staying awake than the husband. (:


    4. I’m always reading multiple things because reading is my best personal therapy and there are so many things I want to read all the time.  I rarely have time anymore because I’m busy with other things that have to take priority-which I’m okay with-but I still relish the times I do get to read a snippet or two. You can always guarantee I’ve got the following by my bedside, on my dresser, or on my desk: Scriptures, some form of self help book, exercise magazine, TSFL info, parenting book{s}, a memoir or autobiography, a fiction novel, and some other random fluff.

    Right now for my “fluff” I’m enjoying Jen Lancaster’s, “Pretty in Plaid.”  Totally laughing my head off out loud in bed late last night.  Love books like that.


    5. Check this guy out.  He is my cousin.  His legs were amputated after a semi truck accident when he was 6 years old.  He totally rocks.  Completely positive, always smiling & joking, never holding back or not trying things because he doesn’t have legs.  He was a state cross country runner {in his wheelchair}, a state wrestler {103 lbs.}, and is married with two kiddos.  He inspires me.  If I ever find myself complaining, I hope I can continually look to Casey for his awesome example and remember that I can’t use any excuse for not reaching my goals.  I’m grateful for the reminder.


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    Confession: I have {previously} had this fear that I’ll never be enough.


    One week from today me and my hottie husband board a plane for National Convention.  I went last year to Texas and it was so worth it.  Awesome and sincerely life changing.  I’m totally excited that Husband gets to go with me and that we’ll learn so much and see a new place {neither of us have been to Florida}.




    {there had to be one of those, right?  My 3 year old would say, “we don’t say butt, Mom.”  I digress.}


    I received some exciting news several days ago.  I am one of ten people picked to have a professional “after” photo shoot complete with make-up, etc., during the convention.  I was completely shocked, flattered, excited…and then devastated.  My first thought was, “I haven’t done enough.  I’m not at my ultimate goal.  I should have worked harder.  I should starve myself.  Or eat everything in sight…”  Everything I’ve learned and lived for the past year flew out the window with any and all rationality I’d previously had.


    I had to send a set of before pictures to the contact person as well as an after picture.  Of course I wanted the most horrid before photo available to contrast my after, so I was really searching!  I got caught up in the reliving the past moment and these are some of the gems I found.

    {Mid-late 2002. Met Zac. He trained me. Started dating. My head threatened to eat him and he still stayed around}

    {Cankles. You know, calves that camouflage into your ankles? I have them. Even at my thinnest…they get smaller, but they are always there. Dang cankles}

    {Cannot believe I didn’t suffocate him at this point}

    {I had to include this one because even my hands/fingers have shrunk. We’ve sized my ring down twice since our wedding}

    {My first 5k run ever-totally blissful day for both of us}

    {36 weeks pregnant with Baby #1}

    {36 weeks pregnant with Baby #2-lots of stuff happened in the two years between pregnancies, by the way}

    {Starting Take Shape for Life}

    {3 months later}

    {Our first official family picture-October 2010.  7 months after starting Medifast/TSFL.  By the way, those kiddos are totally worth the weight gain that pregnancy-and the 2-12 month period after giving birth-brought on, in my opinion}


    After reminiscing {and trust me, there were some doozies I didn’t subject you to}, I realized how far I’d come.  8 years seems like an eternity in some aspects, but almost every single day of the last 8 years I have worked hard to be better than the one before.  It hasn’t been easy.  There have been times I wanted to give up.  During those 8 years I got married, graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, worked 3 different jobs, had 2 children, helped husband start his business & continue to help run it, started my own business from home, served in my church & community, kept in touch with friends and family members, and did the everyday duties of a wife/mom/homemaker/friend.  Aside from my pregnancies and the nursing months following-I wasn’t super motivated about weight during those times & tended to eat whatever I saw….may have been the only woman who gained more weight after having the baby than during the pregnancy-I have been continually striving to be better.  I have worked my butt off in the gym, on the road and treadmill, and in the kitchen to get where I am.  And, thanks to Take Shape for Life and Medifast, I’m finally addressing the issues inside my head that were never dealt with in the past-thus the reason for the yo-yo cycle going on for so long.


    It doesn’t matter that I’m not exactly where I want to be.  I am where I am at because I’ve worked super hard to be here.  It’s not failing until I quit trying.  The fact that I’m still working {hard} on getting where I want to be doesn’t mean I’m not good enough, or I shouldn’t enjoy the progress I’ve made or the place I’m at, or that I’ll never get where I want to be.  I kind of hope I always reach for something beyond because there is no room for complacency with goals like that.

    I look at the Me of the past and I like my personality.  I like my spunk and the fact that I was confident despite the things I wished I could magically change.  I can still learn things from me then.  I look at the Me of the present and I like who I’ve become.  I like that because of who I was then, I am who I am now.  And, I like how I look now.  I feel-most days-fairly good in my skin.  I know I can be & do more.  I long for lean muscles and a low body-fat percentage, more for the ultra health it will mean for my body than anything else, but I realize it doesn’t have to happen in one week.  It doesn’t matter if it takes me 8 more years.


    It just matters that every single day, I take another step toward getting there.  And that I remind myself as long as I’m doing it, that I am enough.


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    The winners were announced on Becky’s blog today, and I am way happy for those women!  I know there was a lot of interest in the giveaway though and I’m super stoked & excited to offer 10% off your first order if you decide to sign up & be a client between July 13th and July 18th.  Offer good for those days only, so spread the word if you know someone who wants to get healthier!


    Email karli@healthconfessions.com if interested.  Visit http://www.youfit.tsfl.com for more info on the program.