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    Confession: A few Saturday’s ago, I participated in the most enjoyable 5k I’ve ever done. 

    I love 5k’s.  They aren’t too far {3.1 miles} and are the perfect length for enjoyment and exercise.  You don’t feel like you’re going to die {usually} and you can always see the end in sight.  They are doable.

    {PS: I didn’t always feel this way.  Almost 10 years ago, when I ran my first 5k race, I thought it was the longest distance ever and was the most proud of myself I’d been up to that point.  I still feel a rush & a thrill anytime I do a 5k because I realize it is a monumental thing-in my life & in many others.}

    The only difference now is that I am confident in my ability to finish them.

    The 5k I did was The Color Run.  I organized a Health Confessions team, had 16 people sign up with me, ordered shirts, and had a blast!  It was seriously the most fun I’ve had in a 5k race. Admittedly, when I woke up I wasn’t that psyched about it.  I was tired {it was early}, worried about my foot, and it was cold.  I hate running in the cold.  But, I sucked it up & got ready.  My cute mom ran the race with me and we rode together, along with our friend Carol.  We got there and I was more excited.  Something about a lot of people pulled together for a similar cause + great music blaring over the speakers, really gets me in the mood to go.  We never did get the whole team together, but I saw most of them at one point or another which was fun.  We had a blast!  I will most definitely do this race again next year and will bring the whole family to enjoy it.  Such a great way to start the morning.I’m encouraging you to find something to participate in this week or in the next month over the Holidays.  In almost every town there is some sort of Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot {and I bet it’s not too late to get signed up} and there are all sorts of great {and very casual} races, flag football games, relays, etc. throughout December.  Get the whole group together & get up & out!  Instead of focusing on the food this season, focus on moving, friendships, family, and laughing while doing something out of your comfort zone.I know you won’t regret it.  Happy Thanksgiving Week!

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    talks about Confessions




    Confession: I don’t really buy into the whole “I’m going to wait till the New Year to get healthy because it’s just too hard during the Holiday’s,” excuse. 


    I may sound heartless, but it’s true.  The thing is, society has made “the Holiday’s” a SEVENTY day affair starting the week prior to Halloween and ending January first.  In reality, it’s just a few days over a few months. 

    And guess what?  There will always be something!  Some holiday, some get together, some excuse. There is never a perfect time.Last year my coach told me an idea that I LOVED, used, and shared with my clients and potential clients.  I’m sharing again this year because I think it totally rocks.

    Pretend you’re a client of mine and on program…or you’re a client of mine in maintenance or learning how to eat healthily for life.  In any of these cases, you’re eating six small meals a day.  From tomorrow {11/6/12} til the end of the year {12/31/12}, we have 336 chances {eating 6 times a day}, to make a choice.

    Instead of thinking, “the holiday’s are here, so just go crazy & eat till I’m sick and get back on the wagon January 1st,” what if we really looked at our calendar and decided which of those 336 meals could be potentially dangerous or hard situations…or times where we know we are really going to want to just go off plan and enjoy ourselves.  For instance, you might have one or several of the following situations:

    –Halloween Day, Thanksgiving dinner x 2 {your family/in laws or friends}, Church Christmas party, School or work potluck, friends party, Christmas Eve, Christmas day x 2 {your family/in laws}, New Year’s Eve, 1-2 miscellaneous other events. 

    If you had all of the above, that equates to 13 {max} meals that you may struggle with. That leaves 323 chances to be good!

    Instead of throwing in the towel for all 336 meals, what if you said you would stay on program, make healthy choices, and choose to eat well for 323 of those meals and then just do whatever you want for the other 13.  That may look like forgetting about program all together for that meal & eating whatever you want, or it may look like small portions of everything that sounds/looks good to you, or it may just be a regular healthy meal + 2-3 bites of each of the things you love.  Whatever it looks like, you can continue to make progress toward your goal and either maintain or be 10-15 pounds down come the New Year, even without feeling deprived. The majority of American’s GAIN 10-15 pounds between Halloween & New Year’s.  You could enjoy the Holiday’s and your relationships and still be ahead of your goals when the New Year hits!

    This works.  It’s worked for several of my clients and for myself.  Many people even found after going {way} off plan for the first meal that it wasn’t even worth it!  They were able to stay on track for all the rest of their meals because they realized being healthy & achieving their goals felt better than any of that food tasted.

    I LOVE this plan and love offering it to people at every stage and in every season of the year, because there is really no reason to wait.  Our health is the most important gift we have, so why not now?

    If you’re done with feeling sick, and want to go into the New Year with a head-start on your goals, call or message me.  Don’t use the Holiday’s as an excuse.  Where will you be in 60 days if you don’t start today?{picture via Pinterest}