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    A few weeks ago the mister & I headed to Vegas to celebrate our 9th anniversary.  We love Vegas and although we don’t drink/gamble/smoke, we always find plenty to keep us busy & just enjoy each others company.  This time we loved walking all over the strip, seeing Eddie Vedder in concert, a World Class driving experience {Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.}, a bit of shopping, time with friends, and I jumped off an 855 foot building.  No big deal. (;Just kidding, it was totally a big deal!  Did you hear the part where I jumped off a building?!

    I am not a daredevil.  I have always considered myself a fairly brave person, but that was when I’m standing on the ground, keeping myself away from all things scary, and not having to face any fears. 

    2 years ago I did the Big Shot ride at the top of the stratosphere in Vegas.  It was a blast & I thought I might want to do it again this trip.  I looked it up & saw they had a new attraction.  Yes, plunging off the stratosphere, a sky jump.  I knew I had to do it.  I decided and then I couldn’t go back.  My sweet husband-who is deathly afraid of heights-kindly supported me, but kept asking, “Are you sure you’ve thought this through?  I will not think less of you if you decide not to do this… Do you really want to do this?!”  Haha!  He is so dang adorable. 

    We got there, I suited up {after unsuiting to use the bathroom because I didn’t want to embarrass myself}, & kissed Zac, who was super nervous & going to take pictures from the bottom.  Rode the escalator up 108 floors with a couple other dudes who were going to do the jump & waited my turn.  The guys who helped were awesome & I was NERVOUS, but excited. The worst part?  Definitely that initial moment where I had to take the actual plunge.  The best part?  The falling.  Wow!  There aren’t words to describe the absolute rush of endorphins & excitement.  Such an incredible experience.  I would totally do it again and would love to try actual sky diving someday soon.  {Zac is really unsure about that one}! 

    Visit my Facebook page HERE to view the video awesomeness of the event.   Make sure to let me know what you think.  And like my page if you haven’t already! (;

    Afterward we were walking down the strip & laughing about it.  Zac would stop every few hundred yards or so & grab me by the shoulders and say, “You just JUMPED off the stratosphere!!  Just when I think you can’t amaze me anymore, you go & do something like that!” {he’s so sweet like that}

    The whole experience was surreal and the adrenaline rush lasted a good six hours.  The confidence burst is still going strong-weeks later.  The point of this story?  Sometimes the leap of faith we need to take has to do with our health.  Sometimes we know we have to do it or we’ll regret it later.  Most times the very hardest part is that moment when you take the actual plunge & decide.  The best part is ALWAYS the journey and the feeling afterward when you realize you accomplished something you were previously scared to do. 

    I took the plunge in 2010 when I started the program with the help of my incredible coach.  I have not regretted it for one second.  It has only proved to be a confidence booster and a blessing in my life.  I’ve been where you are.  I am challenging you to take that leap of faith with me.  I will support you, guide you, and encourage you.  I will be there for the scary plunge & for the rewarding & exhilarating after effects of your choice. 

    57% of Americans will join a gym or start a new diet plan on January 1st.  That is more than half of all people you know!  If you or anyone you know {friends and/or family} are desperate for a healthy change, please call me & take the leap of faith in the best way possible.  All new clients will receive $25 of their first order through December 31st.  I will only be taking 20 new clients for the New Year.  Spots fill up fast, so please share with those you love as soon as possible.  If you have people you know who want to get healthy, consider becoming a coach yourself and helping them do what you are doing/have done.  You could bless their lives and be blessed financially in your own life.  Give the gift of health to yourself & those you love this year.

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you & sharing progress from those who take the plunge & start the journey to health on January 1st with me!

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