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    Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the bazillion things I have to get done by next Tuesday night and I am so frazzled I can’t even sit still long enough to write a to-do list, which is usually my go-to stress therapy thing!  Anyway, today’s post is a bite random, so enjoy.  And, while you’re all commenting-because I love me some comment love-ask any questions you have & I’ll do a Q&A post next week.


    1. Want an update on my 30 day experiment? Okay, here it is.  Things are going okay.  The scale hasn’t moved as much as I’d like {4 pounds so far}, but I feel really good.  I’ve only missed 2 days of working out and felt yucky both days.  I finished my “Couch to 5k” program on July 8th and started the “Bridge to 10k” program {which takes off where the 5k one ended} on July 11th.  Wow, it’s kicking my trash.  Wednesday I went 5.048 miles which is the furthest I’ve gone in years and second furthest I’ve gone ever…{did 6 miles one time a few years ago}.  I love the program though and that it’s just three days a week which is doable.  Yesterday was an off day as far as feeling okay about myself.  I tried on clothes which I usually like, but nothing looked cute and I was totally depressed.  Hadn’t gotten my workout done either and I was still in my sweats since I’ve adopted the policy of a previous Feature Friday client, Tara, who suggested staying in your workout clothes till it’s done.  Well, yesterday, it ended up being 8:38 PM.  Got my boys in bed and climbed on the treadmill when I really would rather have cuddled on my couch with a book.  I plugged my headphones into my iPhone and watched a show on Netflix while doing 60 minutes of high paced incline walking.  It was a kick butt workout & I was drenched by the end, which made me feel a lot better.  Eating has been good.  Trying to find the balance of what my body can handle in maintenance.


    2. Want to know a pet peeve of mine?  Tweeters {peeps who tweet on twitter}, who don’t reply to questions/posts/etc.  I’ve noticed this phenomenon mainly affects Famous people {certain music artists, authors, and movie stars I follow}, but I think if they want people to follow them on twitter and consequently think they are cool, they should occasionally tweet back.  I mean, seriously, are they that busy?  It really would be good twitter etiquette.  I’m just sayin.  And by the way, if you’re on Twitter, come find me…because I actually tweet back sometimes!  @healthconfess


    3. Husband and I watched a couple good flicks this last week.  First we watched, “Just Go With It.” Totally loved it.  We laughed a lot and I always love Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston, so it was a win from the start.  And, Nicole Kidman has super nice abs in that movie.  Next we watched “Tron,” and we both liked it a lot although I had an easier time staying awake than the husband. (:


    4. I’m always reading multiple things because reading is my best personal therapy and there are so many things I want to read all the time.  I rarely have time anymore because I’m busy with other things that have to take priority-which I’m okay with-but I still relish the times I do get to read a snippet or two. You can always guarantee I’ve got the following by my bedside, on my dresser, or on my desk: Scriptures, some form of self help book, exercise magazine, TSFL info, parenting book{s}, a memoir or autobiography, a fiction novel, and some other random fluff.

    Right now for my “fluff” I’m enjoying Jen Lancaster’s, “Pretty in Plaid.”  Totally laughing my head off out loud in bed late last night.  Love books like that.


    5. Check this guy out.  He is my cousin.  His legs were amputated after a semi truck accident when he was 6 years old.  He totally rocks.  Completely positive, always smiling & joking, never holding back or not trying things because he doesn’t have legs.  He was a state cross country runner {in his wheelchair}, a state wrestler {103 lbs.}, and is married with two kiddos.  He inspires me.  If I ever find myself complaining, I hope I can continually look to Casey for his awesome example and remember that I can’t use any excuse for not reaching my goals.  I’m grateful for the reminder.


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  • Crystal wrote on July 15, 2011 at 9:44 // Reply

    Thank you for being so real in your posts…you rock….thank you for sharing about your awesome cousin…that was such a wake up call and reminder on attitude, gratefulness, and living…your cousin’s story is very cool and I am so inspired

  • courtney wrote on July 16, 2011 at 8:36 // Reply

    Great last few posts! You are doing awesome. The everyday small things are sometimes the hardest and most important, keep going! By the way I think you should a have baby #3, you look especially “glowing” in your pregnancy pics. :)


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