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    Confession: I am a big scaredy cat about all things Halloween.

    I put on a brave face and pretend like I’m totally rocking it, but really, I’m shaking in my socks.

    The husband, on the other hand, LOVES all things Halloween.  The spookier the better.  Haunted houses, mazes, scary movies, stories, etc.  He thinks they are all absolutely hilarious and loves to include me in everything he’s participating in. 

    This year he insisted that I do one of our local Haunted Houses/mazes with him.  I resisted, but resistance was futile.  Louis, one of our cousins & besties, offered to protect me, along with my brother in law who works security at the Haunt, so I acquiesced.  Also, my mother in law {read: bravest woman I know} wanted to go with us.

    So, the date was set & my Mr. was SO excited.  I was getting sicker by the minute. 

    I kept thinking, “why am I more nervous this time?  I did it two years ago and lived…but back then I was just scared, now I feel like I might be sick.”

    It came to me when we walked in and I saw all the scary costumes, heard the sound effects, saw the scary movies, etc.  I was more scared because I knew was was coming. 

    I felt the same way about childbirth.  I was nervous the first time, sure, but I had no expectations because I had no idea how it would look.  The second time, I was WAY more nervous and scared because not only did I suddenly remember how much it hurt, but I also realized how much I had to lose if anything went wrong.  Hindsight is 20/20, right?

    The experience wasn’t all bad.  The Husband LOVED it and was as giddy as a schoolgirl the entire way through.  He would check on me {sandwiched between my two fearless protectors} and offer to hold my hand at the front of the pack, but there was no way in heck I was leading the group & I also wanted him to be able to fully enjoy it, so held back.  An added benefit was that he {and his super brave mama} got all the scary stuff & I got to see it happening from behind, so it wasn’t as awful for me.  I made it out alive and relieved….and a bit shaky.  {Forgive our picture-it was dark all night & our eyes weren’t ready for the flash of brightness.}

    On the way home I realized it’s like that with living a healthy lifestyle, too. If we go off track or program a bit-or a lot at times-it feels harder and scarier to get back on track.  It feels bigger because we know what level of commitment it’s going to take.  We know it’s going to be uncomfortable at times because we’ve been there, and we realize we are going to miss out on some things we really like. 

    The reward is so worth it though.  That sense of accomplishment of doing the hard & scary thing totally rocks.  It so outweighs the desire to stay in our comfort zone and do what feels easy.

    So, I committed to going again next year.  Because had I stopped having kids because it was scary, I wouldn’t have my amazing 2 year old and the thought of more kids on the horizon.  If I let the discomfort of exercising, eating right, getting enough sleep, and trying new things dissuade me, I wouldn’t feel good about myself, be healthy, or ever attain optimal health. 

    I’ll make sure to have some protectors with me then too, though.  Just like I have an amazing support team in real life who helps me through the discomfort of the scary times. 

    A client recently told me “We have to be okay with being someone we’ve never been before.  It’s easy to hide behind what’s been comfortable for so long.  It’s easy to blend in and pretend we don’t want to be better.” 

    I challenge you to make a commitment to face one of your fears this week.  Maybe it’s something having to do with Halloween {including staying away from the candy!}, or maybe it’s finally facing the fact that you have a desire to be the person you’ve wanted to be for so long.  Message, call, or fill out this form to receive more info.  I’m taking a limited number of new clients through the end of October & would love for you to be one of them.  

    Have a Happy & {safely} Spooky Halloween!


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  • Kay wrote on October 30, 2012 at 9:36 // Reply

    Karli, Thanks so much the weekly update. Things are going better for me this week. My ankle is healing and my office help has committed to lose 20 lbs on her diet and I have challenged her to see if I can lose the same, only faster. The race is on and I think the competion will help. I realize I must stay really close on the plan, after wavering for a while, or after the holiday’s I will be even more depressed. We have to be reminded that we can do scary things. Thanks Kay


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