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    Last Saturday I wrote this post about falling majorly off the healthy bandwagon & making the decision to get back on track.  I said I’d keep you posted, so here it is.  A rundown of my week starting Sunday June 3rd:

    -I woke up early each day

    -I exercised Monday-Saturday, for at least 35-55 minutes each day, logged 17.5 miles, and 2 great weight lifting sessions.  I also focused on stretching quite a bit which is always my big downfall.

    -I got an average of 196 ounces water each day

    -I majorly stepped out of my comfort zone & will be sharing more on that in the coming weeks.

    -I ate six small meals daily & wrote down every single thing that went in my mouth.  Even Tuesday when I was stressed and gave in to my craving for a bowl of granola with milk, followed by a bowl of frosted shredded mini wheat with milk.  I even measured those things out & wrote them down.  This is HUGE for me, because usually when I “cheat” or go off my plan at all, I just stop recording & pretend like it didn’t happen.  Then I’m mad when the scale doesn’t do what I want.  Think I’m in denial much? (;  Anyway, other than that little slip, my meals have been clean & delicious, with 3 Medifast meals as my snacks.

    {image via Pinterest}

    + I made homemade cookie dough for the boys to eat & it’s still in my fridge and I haven’t touched it.  This is an even bigger deal because there are few things I like more than raw cookie dough {it’s eggless if that concerns anyone}.  And, we took the boys to a movie {Madagascar 3} & I took my Medifast puffs & a bottle of sparkling water with me while they enjoyed popcorn & Reese’s.  Movie popcorn is a big time temptation, so I felt good about that.

    -I also got a little more sleep this week which helped a lot.

    -The scale showed a 2.8 pound loss, too, which is always a nice reward for doing really great stuff for your body.

    Feeling much better about life today.  It’s amazing what just a week back in the game will do for you.  And, I don’t plan on letting it slip away anytime soon, either.  I’ll continue posting our weekly menu at the beginning of each week because that helped me more than anyone!

    This health journey is all at once the most exciting, exhausting, frustrating, amazing, and rewarding thing ever.  I’m in it for the long term, though, so here’s to another great week!


2 Responses to Accountability Check

  • Kelsey wrote on June 10, 2012 at 8:39 // Reply

    Love this Karli, I love how it encourages me who isn’t even on a plan, that you don’t need to give up, even if you slip. I cheer for you that this was a better week and you didn’t give in to some temptations–cookie dough and popcorn, I totally understand how yummy those are.
    Awesome awesome, is all I really have to say.

  • alisa wrote on June 10, 2012 at 9:07 // Reply

    You’re doing AMAZING! You make me want to try harder 2.8 is a HUGE number. I know how hard it is to see that so congrats! Love getting some Motivation via Karli :) You Rock.


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