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    Today I wanted to share some of my favorite apps with you.  I use an iPhone, so I’m not sure how many of these are available for Droid users, but I’m assuming most of them are.  If you have an iPod or iPad, you can use these, too.


    1. Instagram

    Instagram is such a fun app.  Come over & follow me {@karlijo77} if you have an account & leave me a comment letting me know your username & I’ll follow you back.  I love the filters, the daily photo challenges, and the social networking ease of this app.  A daily favorite, for sure.


    COST: Free


    2. SleepMachineLite

    I don’t use this one too often, but when I do, I LOVE it.  Every once in a while I have a hard time shutting down in the evenings & falling asleep.  I use this app during those times.  I love that it has many options {the wind sound is my favorite}, the ability to set a timer to shut off, and it’s not obnoxious {although I’m sure some of the sounds are}.


    COST: Free



    3. Pinterest

    You all know I LOVE Pinterest.  {Follow me HERE}.  It’s a great resource for all things creative & fun.  And, yummy.  And, healthy!  It’s the whole package.  An instagram friend recently attended a business seminar where the CEO of Pinterest was one of the keynote speakers.  He said this, “Our mission is not to keep you online, it’s to get you offline.  Pinterest should inspire you to go out and do the things you love.  Pinterest is the place to plan the most important projects in your life.”  Wow.  I LOVE that because I get it.  That’s what I use Pinterest for and although I spend 5-10 minutes each day pinning stuff, I’ve spent many hours since finding it actually working on & completing projects I found there.  I’d say it’s worth it.  Time well spent.


    COST: Free


    4. Dictionary

    I love to read & sometimes come across a word I’m not sure of-usually in something Jen Lancaster writes-like: torpor, cogent, petard, and dendrophilous. This app makes it super quick & easy to look it up without taking more than 20 seconds away from my book to do so.


    COST: Free


    5. TargetWeight

    I love this app because I didn’t want something that gave me lots of stats to remind me how close I am to my goal.  There are two different versions {under 20 lbs. & 20+} and you get whichever you choose.  Enter your height, current weight, goal weight, and date you’d like to get there.  Each day {or as often as you weigh in}, you put in your new number & it gives you a number on your phone face to remind you where you’re at.  Mine says 12 right now, meaning I Have 12 pounds to go to my goal.


    COST: Free


    6. Hulu+ & Neflix

    We don’t have cable/dish/direct tv, so our five channels feel a bit limited at times.  We did the Netflix & Hulu+ streaming instead and love them for the kids and for the shows we love to watch when we’re winding down in the evenings {like Psych, Drop Dead Diva, Community}.  I LOVE having the apps on my phone because I can watch while I’m on the treadmill, when I’m waiting at the doctor’s office, or when the kids or husband are using the tv for something else.


    COST: Free & Free {although you do have to have a subscription for both which is about $8/month a piece}


    7. 7 Little Words

    Do not get this app if you are easily addicted to word games.  I love it because I tell myself it’s strengthening my memory or keeping my brain & mind young or something.  I use this game when I’m waiting at appointments primarily, and it is a fun game that will surprise you with it’s entertainment value.  Kind of like a mad gab word find, of sorts.


    COST: Free {you can buy add on games for .99 each}


    8. MyFitnessPal

    This is a great & comprehensive app that allows you to track what you eat {even has the Medifast foods!}, what you do for exercise, and then helps you reach your goal.  It’s super useful and great to have with you all the time rather than waiting till you get home to be able to write everything down.  It tells you how many calories to aim for each day and can get pretty in depth as far as tracking.  I’m just learning with this one, but so far, I’m a fan.


    COST: Free


    {all images-other than the one of me & the screenshots of my phone-are taken via google images}



4 Responses to app-alicious {part 1}

  • amber fischer wrote on January 25, 2012 at 7:26 // Reply

    There were some apps there I haven’t heard of! Nice! One of my recent favorite apps is the Craigslist app (because I’ve been looking for some furniture for our living room). It actually shows the photos as you scroll down – versus the computer version where you have to actually click on the post to see the photo. I prefer the app!

  • Brooke Guevara wrote on January 25, 2012 at 7:32 // Reply

    I love all of these apps, especially instagram! Some of my other favorites are pic stitch, groupon, and lose it :)

  • Meredith S wrote on January 31, 2012 at 2:40 // Reply

    Thanks for this post.:)

    As you know, I love your blog! I want to lose weight this year, but I wanted to lose weight last year, and the year before. Its like I always make plans and never follow through – and sometimes I end up gaining weight instead! Or I’ll lose weight for about 3 weeks and then go back to being “bad.” Its discouraging, but I know I can do it!

    So thanks for your encouraging and smart posts. And if you have any advice for my above problem, please email me or share haha.

    Love, Mere

  • Meredith S wrote on January 31, 2012 at 2:40 // Reply

    ps, oops, I meant to comment on your most recent post about the popcorn 😛


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