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    This past week I had a few days where I felt like a slave to my food demons. My day would start out with a strong resolve & then for whatever {seemingly valid, but totally just an excuse} reason, my resolve would dissolve & I would eat carbs. This behavior would give way to feelings of lethargy, alongside a solid commitment & promise to myself at bedtime of a “better tomorrow.”

    I’d wake the next day with a food hangover {for the record, I’ve never experienced an actual hangover, but I think this would be the food equivalent}.

    This post-carb-binge day would be full of intentional good choices to get me back on track, but also SO much harder to stay strong because all I craved were the not great things that got me into this situation!

    It’s times like these small feelings of inadequacy start to make their way into my thoughts & mind. I begin questioning whether I’ll ever get a firm hold over my demons. Sometimes I almost cross into the most dangerous zone-that of being apathetic, complacent, & indifferent about the whole thing.

    Then I remember that I’m human too. That I’m on my own journey & I may veer off course occasionally. And that I always get back up, brush myself off, and try again. I am worth the effort. I know what I want and I know I can get it. I know what I need to change & I’m recognizing patterns, chains of behavior, and thought process that could be dangerous obstacles in reaching my goals. So I’m being MORE intentional, I’m striving to create better habits to replace the negative ones, I’m journaling those vital things I’m seeing {so I can be better equipped to change them & recognize triggers}, I’m keeping myself accountable, and I’m not giving up.


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  • Lacey Daniels wrote on October 4, 2013 at 11:17 // Reply

    I love your blog posts and your nutrition ideas!


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