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    I am the girl who:

    -struggled with weight her whole life

    -met a handsome prince {aka-personal trainer} who kicked my butt into something close to fit

    -married said prince

    -had 2 kids

    -continued struggling with weight

    -is completely addicted to food

    -found an awesome program that finally works for real & addresses the deep issues of my addiction & is teaching me long term weight maintenance {something I obviously missed before}

    -became a health coach

    -assists clients in reaching their goals and changing their lives

    -is learning to deal with & gain control over my addiction to food.


    Thus, health confessions. The story of me, Karli, a foodaholic turned health coach & how it’s all going down. It’s a weekly account of the great, the fat, and the carby.


    Here’s what I promise you’ll get from this site:

    -Complete sincerity, honesty & self discretion.

    -Confessions; happy and…not so much.

    -Pictures & success stories

    -Guest posts from all sorts of interesting peeps

    -Recipes, tips, tricks, and exercises

    -Knowledge about how to lose weight & even have me for a coach if that’s your fancy

    -Knowledge about becoming a coach yourself if so desired

    -Encouragement for your personal health journey {If I can do it, EVERYONE can!} -Empathy for your i-fell-off-the-bandwagon days {trust me, I can relate!}

    -A good laugh most days {because laughing at myself is something I am really good at}


    I hope you’ll visit often, comment when you feel inclined, and share confessions of your own!


    And, if you’re interested in learning more about the program that helped me lose weight, having me as your coach, or becoming a coach & helping others yourself, check out my Take Shape for Life website: http://www.youfit.tsfl.com