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    Okay, a friend shared this recipe with me tonight & I tried it.  Wow.  I think I’ll have one at least every other day.  DELICIOUS!


    -Spray small ramekin with Pam spray

    -Mix 1 packet MF hot cocoa with enough water to make it like cupcake icing consistency.  I used probably 3 tablespoons or so.  Not too liquidy & not too thick. {I used a small wire whisk in a bowl & it worked great}

    -Use a spatula to put half the cocoa batter into the ramekin.  Shape & pat it nicely into the bottom.

    -Spread 1 T. Peanut butter on top of the batter

    -Spread the remaining chocolate batter on top

    -Freeze for 1.5-2 hours.

    -Top with 1-2 T. fat free spray whip


    You end up with an amazing extra large “peanut butter cup” that tastes absolutely divine.  Seriously good!



    talks about Medifast

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    Cook 1 Medifast brownie as package directs.

    Let cool for 5 minutes.

    Put in a ziplock baggie, seal, store in freezer.

    Leave in freezer at least 4 hours, overnight is better.


    When ready to eat, remove from freezer.  Cut a slit in brownie package.  Pull off frozen brownie.  Spread 1-2 tsp. peanut butter on top of brownie.  Finish off with 1-2 T. fat-free spray whip topping {5 calorie/Tablespoon}.


    Absolutely divine.



    talks about Medifast

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    *This makes 4 Medifast meals, so keep some form of freezable tupperware or Rubbermaid containers handy to store them.

    In a blender add:

    4 c. ice

    2.75-3 c. water

    1 packet each of: Medifast Dutch Chocolate shake, Medifast Dark Chocolate shake, Medifast Chocolate Pudding, Medifast Hot Cocoa

    8 T. fat free cool whip

    -Blend together till smooth.  Pour into 4 separate containers, cover, and store in freezer.  Yummy!