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    Although we don’t celebrate Christmas for the gifts, and they aren’t the Reason for the Season, I thought-just for fun-I’d put a little Christmas wishlist love out there for all the awesome peeps who might read my blog.  Maybe you’ll get an idea for your own wishlist or to gift someone else.  These aren’t necessarily things I need-and definitely not all of them at the same time, or even ever-but I like to give the husband plenty of ideas which he appreciates.  He does the same for me & I love having that list all year long in case a gift giving occasion presents itself.

    So for your enjoyment, here are some items on my 2011 list:


    1. Digital Food Scale.  My non-digi scale broke a few months back & I’ve missed it desperately.

    2. Curling Iron.  I think in the 1 inch size.  I haven’t owned one in 8 years of marriage & lately have been loving my hair curly.  My straightener is this brand & has worked wonderfully.

    3. The ultimate Body Pillow.  I know my husband would not like this gift as he likes being the one I cuddle in our bed…but I just know I would love this.

    4. A plasma Car.  Okay, really I want one for everyone in my family.  And really, that needs to wait a couple years till everyone can ride one.  And, I’d need more pavement.  But, I think they are so fun!  Great core/arm exercise, too.

    5. Massage{s}.  Plural.  I LOVE massages.

    6. Spray Tan Vouchers.  I just feel better when my skin has a bit of glow to it.  And, the Palm Beach spray tan I had was natural looking & enjoyable.  Love it.

    7. Videos transferred to DVD.  We’ve been talking about doing this with Husband’s side of the family for years.  His mom has at least 30 VHS tapes that need transferring.  But I’d also love to do it with our 8 years worth of tapes/videos/etc.  There is nothing more hilarious & endearing than watching home movies.

    I would LOVE to hear what you have on your wishlist.  Share!



    Also, I’m always looking for creative “non-food” items to give as neighbor/friend gifts.  I’d love your ideas on the subject.  If I use your idea you’ll receive a prize.  Fair enough?  Ready, set, think & share!



    {PS: Typing Wishlist in the title bar made me think of one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs found here. Love Eddie’s voice & the lyrics of this sweet song, especially this line: “I wish I was the verb to trust and never let you down.”}



4 Responses to Christmas Wishlist

  • Amanda Wheeler wrote on December 6, 2011 at 4:23 // Reply

    One Idea that I found a while ago that I LOVE and could be REALLY CHEAP is a small wire wisk filled with kisses, attach a note that says “We Wisk you a merry KISSmas.” I know that’s food..but it’s not baking type food :)

    Another idea I had was doing something like giving a small holiday, Candle, with this attached – “You Light up our lives. Thanks for being a great neighbor! May your Christmas be Merry and Bright!”

  • Amanda Wheeler wrote on December 6, 2011 at 4:29 // Reply

    linking to a candle idea-

    Another CUTE one-

    Finally- the one I think I’m going to do- these can always be “dolled” up with some other things too.

    can you tell I’ve been having these thoughts myself! I have been trying to find something for my neighbors as well.

  • Denise wrote on December 7, 2011 at 11:34 // Reply

    You’re so good at designing should make a cute calendar (the whole year on one page) and print it at costco and hand out “Happy New Year” gifts!
    You could make a christmas music CD, everyone loves new Christmas music.
    A cute and bit cheesy idea (found online) some measuring cups or spoons and then a tag “wishing you joy beyone measure” … or you could put it with a tape measure or yard stick.
    Another cute one (i think your mom showed me this one) but a star ornament and then “remember the reason for the season” tag.
    Yes so there you go. My wonderful words of wisdom at 9:30 at night.
    I haven’t talked to you for awhile…I’ll have to give you a call!

  • Alis in Wnderlnd wrote on December 8, 2011 at 7:00 // Reply

    We have ice skates for the whole family on our lists! I’ve also asked for a sonic face brush, Photoshop actions, Tattered Angels Misting Mat, and the Martha Stewart Scoring tool.

    For teacher and friends, I make small knitted items and a set of cards I create in Photoshop. I’ve also printed digital subway art and placed them in frames for my non-digi friends who like those but never make them.

    I have only ever given Pears from Harry & David, never cookies since I can’t seem to keep from eating too many while making them.


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