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    This morning I woke up and went to my old high school to get my workout done.  A friend joined me after a while and we finished up together.  It was a good one!


    6:05 AM
    Track workout
    Warm up: 5 minutes
    30 minutes of the following:
    -1 Minute Running
    -1 Minute Speed walking
    Cool down: 5 minutes
    {joined by friend}
    Stadiums/bleachers: 10 minutes
    22 sets {12 singles up & down, 10 every-other up/singles down}
    Walking around track: 20 minutes
    Total Time: 70 minutes


    A bit about this workout.  It was so rewarding for me to be working out on “my” childhood track.  I did 17 laps there today.  Each time I would run around and count the lap number on my phone timer, I would smile & want to shout out loud, “I NEVER thought I would do this.  I wish my PE teacher’s could see me now!”  I was that girl who had every excuse in the book to miss out on the dreaded timed mile run.  Every stinking year it would come around again.  My time got slower each year.  I HATED it.  I loathed it.  Is there a stronger word?  If so, I felt it.  Curiously, I would tend to wake up sick that day.  Experience really bad cramps.  Have to lay down in the nurse’s office….stop in the middle because I just couldn’t go on, walk the entire last lap…or two…or three, etc.etc.etc.


    I remember 11, 12, 13 minute miles.  Now I can walk a mile in 13 minutes.  I can RUN a mile.  I can RUN 4 miles!  I can RUN.  I still don’t totally love the act of running while in it-my knees are giving me tons of issues before/during/after-but I sure love the act and feeling of running afterward.  I think I’ll visit the track from my childhood more often.  It’s definitely a good feeling to walk away having finished what I started.  It’s also empowering to be somewhere that in the past caused feelings of nervousness and nausea and to actually enjoy being there.  {Picture of me wearing a track tank at my 10 year reunion I wouldn’t have been caught dead in-nor would have fit into-10 years ago!}

    Total Water: 240 Ounces


    A couple hours after being home from the track, I tore half my big toenail off.  My foot has been throbbing all day and I’ve been wearing flip flops and avoiding my little’s clumsy feet like the plague.  Ouch! I have been totally craving carbs all day, too.  Not sure what’s going on, but it’s taken everything in me to not cave and have a big bowl of cereal, 2 cookies, a donut, etc.  I’ve had to consistently practice something I learned from Dr. A’s Habits of Health.  Stop-Challenge-Choose.


    Basically, I STOP when I’m tempted to eat something I know won’t be great for my body.  I CHALLENGE myself by deciding what’s up.  I CHOOSE to be better than before and distract myself with something else.  Dr. Andersen says, “By moving from mindless reaction to conscious awareness, you can avoid actions & behaviors that sabotage your long-term goals.”  What I found today during the CHALLENGE point was that I’m exhausted.  Sleep hasn’t been great for this mama in over a year, and the past few nights have been late getting to bed, waking up a couple times in the night, and early rising the next morning.  I happen to be a major “tired-eater,” so this is definitely one of my triggers.  I was aware of it today and laid on the couch for 25 minutes at one point, which helped a bit.


    The Stop-Challenge-Choose tactic doesn’t always work for me.  Sometimes I am just too stubborn and want instant gratification bad enough that I’m not willing to choose the better thing.  Today I was strong and hopefully that victory will spur continued victories in the days to come.


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  • Dru wrote on June 30, 2011 at 1:31 // Reply

    Wow, Karli!! I just gotta tell you, I’m really proud of the young woman you are. I really think being this open and vulnerable is a unique quality, one that is foreign to me. This whole website and window into your life and your experiences, your victories and your less thans, I’m really impressed. Congratulations on your successes and perseverance through the hard stuff. I’m enjoying getting to know you via your blog (is that the correct term? hahaha). I might be using some of your workout ideas, too. Hope that’s ok. :) Keep on keeping on, dear. -Dru


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