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    Today’s Feature Friday is Lisa.  I think this chick is pretty awesome!  She is a motivating influence in my life and has blown her journey using Medifast out of the water.  Totally inspired by her.  And her BLOG too.  She is absolutely darling to boot!  I asked Lisa a few questions and here are her replies:

    1. Tell a bit about your stats {height, starting weight, how long it took you, ending weight}:

    Let’s see…I’m 5’3”. My starting weight is a bit tricky. I was over 200 lbs after giving birth to my son in July of 2009. I lost a bit, but hovered around 180 ish for a while before deciding that was not acceptable. I felt terrible and avoided social situations and was just “blah”. I started Medifast in March of 2011, I had managed to get down around 170 by then. Today I weigh anywhere from 130-135 ish from week to week.


    2. What was your biggest motivation and when did you realize you wanted/needed to change?

    I literally had nothing to wear. One year post partum was a just a tad too late to be trying to get away with maternity pants. I wanted my outside to match my inside. I had {and still have} a wonderful husband, a beautiful new baby, and a pretty awesome life, yet somehow, I would let the fact that none of my clothes fit overshadow all of that happiness. I was tired of my weight being a constant chip on my shoulder and the guilt I felt over doing nothing to change it.


    3. Hardest habit to break & best habit you’ve developed?

    My hardest habit to break was making excuses. Having a toddler, it is VERY easy to make excuses for why there is no time to get to the gym and no one is going to look at you funny when you do! BUT, the best habit I have developed is treating the gym like an appointment. I HAVE to go to the gym at 6, I will be back at 7, the universe will not spin off of it’s axis in that hour. If you want to make time, you will.


    4. Favorite healthy meal/recipe/restaurant?

    If you know me at all, you should know that me and the husband eat out 1x a week. This started for budget reasons, but has been helpful in me getting fit and healthy too. Once a week we go to Chipotle, I could go on about my love for them, but you’ll probably get bored and stop reading, or go get some Chipotle…   I order a salad with extra chicken, fresh mild salsa, medium salsa (I use this as dressing), and a TEEEENY bit of cheese sprinkled on top.


    5. What has brought you the greatest joy since reaching your goal? How has it impacted your relationships & ability to be a wife/parent?

    Reaching a goal (any goal) does wonders for your self esteem, directly impacting all of your relationships. I believe my husband now when he says I’m hot! I know I am a better wife/mother/friend because I am happier in general. I used to think that I had to sacrifice being “me” to be a mom, I know now that the two can live in total harmony! My greatest joy is knowing that I am setting a good example for my son, that when he gets older we can go for jogs together or ride bikes together.


    *Bonus: all time favorite products to help you keep your momentum?

    OOOH, I love me some extra credit! My favorite food product that literally helps me keep my momentum? Clif minis!  I have one 30 minutes or so before a (long) workout to keep me going. My favorite non-food “product” has to be myfitnesspal.com; it really helps in keeping me accountable on days I *might* want to stray from my plan.


    WOW!  Thanks Lisa, for your transparency, your example, and your obvious enthusiasm for your new lifestyle.  You are inspiring me & so many more to keep plugging along in making the daily choices to reach the goals we set!  Isn’t she awesome?  Leave Lisa some LOVE!




3 Responses to Feature Friday

  • Michelle wrote on September 9, 2011 at 7:21 // Reply

    Great blog!! Love you both and thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jess wrote on September 9, 2011 at 7:58 // Reply

    I’ve watched Lisa on her journey and it is SO inspiring. What she said about excuses is spot on. I am a runner but it’s taken me a while to get back in to the swing of things. She inspired me to get my butt out there and just run. Love her!

  • Tara wrote on September 9, 2011 at 9:18 // Reply

    Lisa looks amazing! Way to go, your such an inspiration.


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