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    Confession: I had no fresh inspiration today, so took this from a post I wrote in July of 2010.


    Hopefully most of you haven’t read it and those who have can skip it or have a great reminder.


    Today has been rough.

    For whatever reason I have been seriously wanting snack food.  I have continued to stick gum in my mouth, drink more water, eat an extra Medifast meal instead of those Nilla wafers calling my name, etc., but am fighting this demon inside me every second today.  I’ve had all my legal snacks for the day plus an extra legal snack…which I think makes it illegal.  Anyway, I got to thinking that it is my day ten.  It made me remember this post & I re-read it and had renewed focus and determination.


    Then I went in the kitchen and saw the huge bag of mini Reeses my mom had bought my kids and wanted to eat 17 of them, but threw it in the back of the freezer and downed 16 ounces of water instead…

    Although I was able to find a bit of renewed motivation on my hard day before performing any eating endeavors which would take me too far from my goals, I know myself well enough that I have to be extra on guard for the rest of the day & the rest of my journey.


    Here’s the post that helped inspire me to keep going…through day ten & beyond:


    “Each Monday night there is an awesome Nurse’s call for clients & coaches who are experiencing life in Take Shape for Life mode.  They are awesome & informative calls and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to them.  Last Monday’s call {July 12th} was focused on a concept I know, but needed to hear again.  Lori Andersen said, “Don’t stop short of your goal.” Sounds simple, right?  She expanded on the subject, talking about how often people will get close to their goals-maybe 20 or less pounds away-and then start thinking about how good they look and the fact that people around them are complimenting them, so why not stop now.  She talked about how important it is not to fall into this trap because it’s that much harder to get back on track if we get off just because we’re close to our mark & think we have the habits of health down perfectly and before we have time to transition back into a normal routine using our new-found habits.
    I thought about this throughout the next couple days and realized how firmly I believe in what she was saying.  It is vital to our emotional health that we finish what we start.  Not only will we feel better physically for meeting our goal in numbers/pounds/inches, etc., but we will have the amazing feeling of euphoria that only comes from accomplishing something we set out to achieve.  Something that took effort & strength & maybe even some sacrifice.  We will have proved to ourselves that we can do anything we set our minds too.  And, sometimes it takes us longer than we expect, but in these instances it is even more important that we continue on the path we are choosing toward health.  If it was easy, everyone would do it!
    And here is a little motivation that I love, “The initial excitement of starting a ‘new program’ or a ‘new diet’ typically starts to wear off by about day 10, and then the old habits start knocking on your door and tempting you big time. The only difference between the person who successfully changes their habits and the person who gives up, is this: One is willing to keep going even after the initial surge of passion and commitment are gone. Their true character comes out and then it’s up to them to finish, no longer relying on that initial surge of excitement.” Trish Allen
    So find your true character & rock your new healthy lifestyle until-and especially forever after-you reach your true goals.”

    images via Pinterest, of course.


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