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    You all know that I’ve had issues in the past with not wanting to do something until I could commit fully to it (my all or nothing personality-abstainer, not moderator).

    Recently I listened to a woman explain in quite simple terms something that really resonated with me. She spoke on the fact that she’d struggled with certain issues her whole life & thought she needed to completely overcome them before she could effectively help others. She realized finally, that as long as she was aware & consistently trying to improve, she could inspire others.

    Here is my takeaway:
    –I have demons in my life. They happen to all be food related. I may NEVER fully overcome these struggles and addictions and tendencies I have in regards to these demons.
    if I am aware. If I don’t let my guard down. If I constantly work on creating new habits to help replace & outweigh the old, I can make progress toward beating those demons. I can inspire and encourage others. As long as I’m taking steps forward-even small ones-I’m moving in the right direction.


2 Responses to Food Demons

  • Meredith A. wrote on September 10, 2013 at 1:32 // Reply

    Absolutely. :) You inspire me!

  • Maggie wrote on September 10, 2013 at 11:18 // Reply

    I totally get this! Great post, Karli. It resonates a lot with me. I realize now I have to be an abstainer. I know I can’t ever be perfect, but I can keep making baby steps toward all my goals. Thanks for your awesome inspiration!


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