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    Last week on Client Celebration Tuesday-the day where I try to contact all my clients through phone calls/texts/emails to hear about their week-I had three people ask me essentially the same question that got me thinking all week.

    Their question: “How do you motivate yourself in the hard times?  When you’re feeling the least motivated, what do you do?”

    Because I can relate right now {read: having a hard time being motivated myself}, this question hit home.  I opened it up a bit.

    Here’s what a few reader‘s & friends had to say:

    “Knowing, for certain, how much better I’ll feel emotionally, physically, & spiritually after I workout!”

    “My child. Knowing what an influence I need to be for her. Thinking of bad memories and knowing you don’t want your child to experience it.

    “A friend advised me to tell myself ‘Every day I get a little better and a little closer to my goal'”

    “I don’t know that anything said to me would have motivated me. However as I watched my little girl growing and learning how to move I realized that unless I changed, I would sentence her to a life of either being ashamed of me or of being obese herself. I was willing to carry my cross of shame looking like I did, but I was NOT willing to have my daughter carry that cross for me! For me, I was ready. And for the first time in my life as a morbidly obese adult, I was given hope. Those two things put together changed my future from pain and misery, to thriving and happiness.”

    I bet you’d never guess the following came from my husband: {he’s just so dang right & straightforward about stuff like this!}

    “I Re-find my why.  I remember the main reason I set a goal in the first place.  I think of my ultimate why & then I have my how.  Once I have my how, I go to work.  I repeat every time I forget.  Simple as that.”

    Honestly in my opinion, it’s tough to motivate yourself in those times.  I have times like that-more than I like to admit-where I feel unmotivated and just want to say “forget  it, just eat everything in sight.”  That never makes me feel better though, and I think I’ve just gotten tired of the guilt feeling/stomachache that comes from not being on track, so that is motivation enough.  Not to mention, things just don’t taste as great when you know what’s good & not as good for your body.  A few other things that keep me on track are that I try to keep current pictures of me in plain view {those are very motivating}, I weigh myself 2-7 times a week {depending on how much motivation I need}, and I set {and write down} mini goals.  Sometimes every single second of the day is an excruciating one where I’m wrestling with myself and searching for any semblance of motivation to keep me from doing what I want to {eating} and I literally have to remove myself from the situation.  I have to put gum in my mouth, put on some tennis shoes, get out of my house and walk, drink 32 ounces of water super quickly, get in my car & go for a drive, or turn up music really loud & dance with my kids.

    A few of my favorite things to give me a burst of quick motivation that often helps me remember my “WHY” are to read healthy quotes & inspiring messages {Pinterest is great for this}, to look at healthy bodies & visualize myself reaching my goals for my body, and to jack up the get-me-moving music because I cannot bear to sit still when Adele is telling me to set fire to the rain! (:

    It’s so individual and different for each of us, but I think motivation is found from focusing on what matters most to us-even if we don’t see results right that minute.  It’s about doing hard things and choosing the better choice even when we are feeling the least bit motivated. We are each worth so much more than we realize.  So go out & be motivated and motivate someone else in the process!

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2 Responses to Getting {and staying} Motivated

  • alisa wrote on March 20, 2012 at 11:47 // Reply

    I love it! Thank for the needed motivational thoughts. I’m trying to do the c25k…so far I can run 25 min straight but it’s tough. When I feel like giving up I visualize my weight goal and I run after it or I think of those super cute jeans I really want and run after them :) Oh the things we do to stay on track! Just 10 more pounds to go.

  • Meredith wrote on March 20, 2012 at 1:52 // Reply

    totally loved this post. its so relevant on what we all need to hear. Thanks, Karli! <3


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