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    Confession: I was super unprepared for the Dirty Dash.


    In more ways than one.


    Here’s a little synopsis of the day.


    Woke up nervous, but excited for the race.  Dressed up in my team duds {We were “Rosie’s Runners”} and kissed my boys goodbye on my way out the door.  Picked up a couple of my teammates S & B {and S’s 2 kiddos who were doing the piglet plunge}.  We had about an hour drive from our houses and then a half hour or so up a steep winding road to the ski resort where the DD was being held.  It was a fun drive getting pumped up, laughing, and needing to go to the bathroom from being nervous.  S was getting a bit car sick too, but I was driving, so wasn’t too bothered.

    We pulled up & saw people already taking off-in every outfit you can imagine-and some people were already done!  Lots of loud music, vendor and swag booths, people, and MUD!  We all used the bathroom and on my way there I tripped over someone’s half filled beer cup & it splattered all over my legs/socks/shoes.  That was lovely.  Also, I was completely nervous about the obstacles.  I’m not in the greatest shape ever right now and was worried I’d break my ankle or something. On the car ride I was emphasizing how awful it’d be if I jumped over a haybale and broke something, or tried climbing one of the walls and couldn’t do it.  Anyway, before we started this guy hobbles over on crutches with a makeshift knee brace/cast on his leg.  We asked if he got it doing the DD and he said yes…Guess how?  Trying to get over a hay bale!  I decided I’d go around if I had any misgivings about the obstacles because I’d rather have fun & finish unhurt than try to show everyone else up and hurt myself.

    We got the kids situated, took a couple before pics, and got in our wave {11:40}. We took off and started on our way.  B set the fast pace for our team and took off right at the beginning.  S & I stayed pretty close to each other and were next up.  The rest of our team, M, W, and M, weren’t far behind.

    It was tough, I’m not gonna lie.  I ran as much as I could and went around the hay bales when I came to them.  The tire course was at the top part of a steep hill and it was rough, but fun.  I was unprepared for the course.  I just hadn’t conditioned myself or trained well enough for what I was up against.  I wasn’t worried about running 6 miles because I have before and I’ve been running around 4.5 recently, so it wasn’t a huge fear & I knew I could do it.  The thing I didn’t expect?

    FOUR MILES of running UPHILL.  Yeah, it was held at a ski resort so I might should have thought about that.  But I didn’t.  And I was unprepared.  Those hills kicked my butt!  I fought it and S would run ahead when she was feeling it and I’d walk a bit and then catch up to her.  It was awesome having her as my buddy and my motivator to pace myself.  At one point around the steepest point I thought I just wanted to stop.  Then I thought, “I have to keep going or I won’t finish.”  So I did.  There was mud, obstacles, fun, and lots of laughing and encouraging everyone around.  Each person was at a different stage and many people walked the whole course.  I figured the worst time it would take me was 90 minutes and I was hoping for around 80, so I just kept trucking along.  When we were almost to the top, we thought we’d gone about 2.5 miles and we saw a girl holding a sign that said 4.2 mile mark!  I wanted to hug her! (:

    After that it was pretty cake-ish.  The surprise obstacle was a beer/root-beer chug.  I don’t drink either beverage and honestly couldn’t imagine putting anything in my stomach at that point, so we kept on going.  The last two miles were mostly downhill and we kept a steady pace and good conversation going.  We headed up the last hill and waited in line for the last obstacle: a running/slip & slide into a mud pit.  Another team member, W, met up with us and we all three did it together.  The mud pit was awesome and felt nice after the run and we met up with B who finished 10-15 minutes ahead of us & got some pictures at that point.


    I was pleasantly unprepared for how casual the race was, how laid back everyone there would be, how kind perfect strangers would be, and how much bare skin I would see.  I found myself thinking at first, “Some people should be wearing more clothing.”  Then I mentally slapped myself and thought, “Good for them for being so dang confident in where they’re at.”  That is my goal and obviously something I struggle with.


    It felt awesome to be done and to have accomplished something hard and crazy that I was so nervous about.  A few of my favorite things: the weather.  It was supposed to be super hot but stayed around 72-75 the whole race, with cloud cover, a nice breeze, and even a couple rain drops.  Lovely.  My teammate and friend, S.  She was a lifesaver.  It was just the push I needed to have her there.  I know she could have left me in the dust and finished ten minutes ahead of me, but she stuck close and kept me going.  And, my body.  I don’t give it enough credit.  I haven’t been treating it well enough.  But it was able.  It performed amazingly well and I felt great when we finished.  I was inspired to be better from this point forward.

    After we got done & had muddy photos taken, we grabbed some fruit & waited in the line for showers.  I was unprepared for this portion.  It was totally how I imagine Hell.  We were standing with a throng of super muddy, half dressed people.  We could see the showers in front of us and people getting clean, but we weren’t getting any closer.  And, the mud?  It was making us super cold.  We waited for about 40 minutes in line. The showers?  Even colder. Lots of shaking & trembling going on. (:  It was all good though & we had fun laughing at ourselves and the fact that we’d voluntarily put ourselves in this crazy situation.  We got cleaned off as well as we could and all donated our shoes to be cleaned and given to less fortunate.  Goodbye beautiful Adidas’.  You’ve been good to me.

    Another unprepared moment was when we realized we hadn’t brought extra shoes, towels, or extra clothes with us, so had to walk, dripping wet, another mile or so on the rocky road to the car.  I have a new respect for my littles who walk around barefoot outside all the time.  Ouch!  We laughed and talked about the race and had fun though.  We all got changed by the car into fresh warm clothes and headed down the mountain.  S really felt car sick on the way down, but the kiddos slept and we all felt better once we had some lunch in us.


    All in all, it was a great time and a super fun experience.  If I was to do it again, I would definitely do a few things differently.  Like feed & exercise my body properly the weeks leading up to the race.  Train on hills and flat ground.  Lift weights and obstacle train.  Take more pictures, get more muddy, pack an extra pair of shoes, and stress about it way less.  So glad M encouraged us all to do it though.  It definitely put me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to cross number 13 off my list of 28 things to do in my 28th year.  13. Run a 10k.


    Oh yeah, guess what the best unprepared moment was?  Finding out our time from start to finish was 66 minutes!  We found out the course was cut a bit short, 5.8 miles, but I was pretty dang proud of that time.  Not too shabby, especially for how unprepared I was! Thanks Dirty Dash and Rosie’s Runners for a great and memorable Saturday!


    My challenge to each of you: go do something out of your comfort zone.
    Today, tomorrow, sometime soon.  Push yourself and do something 
    you get a bit nervous about.  I guarantee you'll feel better for doing it.


    *Sidenote: I have become progressively more sore since arriving home.  Last night was up for three hours with littlest and very sore.  Woke this morning even more sore.  Each time I sit for any length of time, it’s harder to get back up.  I think tomorrow will be the worst of it.  (:  Totally worth it.


6 Responses to Lesson learned/Fun had

  • Athena wrote on August 29, 2011 at 6:57 // Reply

    Glad you ladies had a blast. S is totally the type of friend who would be there for you in a race or in any tough situation. That is nice having a running buddy to keep the pace and to motivate you. Are you going to do it next year, or is this a one time thing?

  • Candace Nielson wrote on August 29, 2011 at 7:45 // Reply

    SO glad you did so well and had so much fun. It looks like a blast.

  • Rhonda Harris wrote on August 29, 2011 at 11:07 // Reply

    I am SO proud of you! And jealous! I would totally love to do that! You are a great insiration!

  • Tami Peterson wrote on August 29, 2011 at 4:09 // Reply

    So proud of you, Karli! Having just walked the 22-miler on pretty much flat ground, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have done 4 miles uphill. And that’s a serious amount of mud, too! So grateful you had such a cute race buddy…she’s always been a sweetheart!


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