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    The cold hard truth of the week is this.  The scale didn’t budge.  Okay, I think it actually probably budged upward and then back down to where it was last week, so if I think of it that way, I lost a pound or two, I’m sure.  I know logically that some weeks the scale doesn’t move.  I understand that sometimes week two is the lowest week {it was my first time doing TSFL and has been the case for many of my clients}, and I was mentally preparing myself for it.  I was also using it to subconsciously sabotage myself a bit.  Cause you know, it was gonna be a lame scale week anyway, right?  {This is how twisted my mind is when it comes to food}.  Here’s how the week went down & a few things I know contributed to my maintaining-rather than losing-this weigh in.


    Monday & Tuesday started off great.  I even exercised both days doing the following workouts which is sort of a no-no for the first few weeks on program, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt me since it wasn’t too intense and I had been sort of consistently exercising before starting the program.  Felt great both days & things went smoothly.

    Wednesday I woke up famished.  TOM had also made its arrival and I was feeling incredibly starving, irritable, and tired.  I craved food all day, didn’t exercise, and seriously thought about food every second the entire day.  Cramping and headache due to TOM.


    Thursday I spent the day in Seattle, so was traveling all day, and enjoying myself with a fellow friend & health coach.  I stayed on plan amazingly well this day, even getting 112 ounces water which is a feat in itself for me when traveling.  Received a phone call from a friend that evening that totally stressed me out and didn’t sleep well.


    Friday woke up super early {after 4 or so hours of sleep} and caught a flight home.  Today was by far the hardest day. I was worried about the phone call I’d gotten and just not as conscious about my choices.  I didn’t do anything to go totally haywire, but I was just not in the game.  I was tired, emotional, and didn’t exercise…again.  I also didn’t journal my food today.  That is a for sure recipe for disaster in my life.


    Saturday was good.  Back on track almost 100% and although I didn’t exercise, I had a good day.  I was feeling more motivated and spent the evening with my best friend accompanying her to a reception she was photographing.   Want to know the theme of the reception?  Circus/carnival.  There was no shortage of good food there…cotton candy, cracker jacks, animal crackers on cupcakes, cookies/brownies/pastries, and a bunch of other goodies.  I drank 30+ ounces water, chewed gum, had my Medifast Puffs, and 2 cinnamon bears.  {I’m only human, you know}.  Was proud of myself for not giving in to any other temptations and a night with my bestie was just what I needed to get back on track.


    Sunday was much better.  Got my head in the right place, sat down and journaled out my goals for the whole next week, and TOM left me for another month or so.  I spent the day relaxing and enjoying my three favorite guys and felt refreshed for the coming days.

    Lessons learned:

    -the cliche’ “Fail to plan, plan to fail,” is really true.  Especially for me.  I thrive with a routine, a plan, and journaling.  I must do this to be successful.

    -exercising too much the first couple weeks in Phase 1 is not the best idea for me.  Makes me hungrier {whether that’s real or perceived hunger is to be determined}, and starts my mind going in a justification cycle.

    -if I don’t start each morning with 32 ounces of water-before anything else goes into my mouth-I rarely meet my water goals.


    So it was a week for learning.  It was a real life week.  It was seven days that felt kinda like thirty.  I’m on track for a better week though and am more aware of my weaknesses which is a big part of this process.  How was your weigh in?


    Week one: -7.5 lbs.

    Week two: -0 lbs.



3 Responses to Massive Monday Week #2 Recap

  • Candace Nielson wrote on September 13, 2011 at 7:19 // Reply

    All I know is that is one good looking family!!! Such good looking boys in matching ties with one hot mama. I must admit I have come to LOVE your health confession blog. I love your honesty and inspiration. I think of you often and try to practice your self control. Thanks for being you!

  • Law Momma wrote on September 13, 2011 at 11:24 // Reply

    Hey, as long as you’re learning that’s what counts, right? PS also? Your kids are ADORABLE.

    • karlicleaver wrote on September 13, 2011 at 11:36 // Reply

      Hey thanks girl! Glad you stopped in today!


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