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    Got on the scale this morning and lost 2 pounds this week!  It was a pleasant surprise, because I had a couple off moments.  Here’s a rundown on this week:


    -Exercised 25 minutes M/T/W/TH/Sa

    -Got between 175-240 ounces water every day

    -Tried a new product that I’m in love with!  More info coming soon.


    Needs Improvement:

    -Friday was a tough day overall.  For whatever reason I was just struggling.  Thus, not making the greatest choices program wise.  I didn’t stray too far, but I didn’t workout this day and I know this affected my entire mood/choices.

    -Sleeping habits.  My sleep lately has been less than stellar.  Pretty dang awful, in fact.  I’ve been going to bed way too late, waking up too early, and getting up with one or both kiddos at least once or twice a night.  It’s just catching up with me.  Going to work on an earlier bed time this week.


    All in all, I’m pleased with the outcome of this week.  I felt better in my clothes, more confident in my ability to make great choices, and just healthier overall.  Husband’s sister is getting married soon and I’d like to lose 16-20 pounds in 6.5 weeks to fit into a fabulous dress for the wedding.  That’s 2.5-3.5 pounds a week.  I’m 2 pounds closer today than I was a week ago!



    Week one: -7.5 lbs.

    Week two: -0 lbs.

    Week three: -2.0 lbs.



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  • Candace Nielson wrote on September 19, 2011 at 10:39 // Reply

    Wahoo on the weight loss girl. You’ll get to your goal because you are so determined when you set them. I loved how you talked about certain aspects not defining us. You inspire me in so many ways. For the record, I’ve never though you had cankles. :)


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