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    Confession: I run around like a crazy person most Monday’s.


    There is something about the first day of the week.  Even if I feel completely prepared for the week, I am bound to be thrown some unexpected curve balls come Monday morning.  Becky Higgins shared a tip I loved that said, “Part of cultivating a good life is not multi-tasking so much. Or ever.”  I need to work on this.  A lot.  It’s not happening today…and maybe not ever on a Monday!


    This past weekend we had a little family vacay.  We got away from the daily grind and enjoyed the beautiful wilderness…and slept in a beautiful home.  {I’m not much of a camper & don’t consider camping a vacation at all.  It’s work}.  The weekend was completely blissful, from the ride there, to the ride home.  Perfect.

    Anyway, I had my iPhone and laptop with me.  I could have gotten work done while I was there.  My kids were entertained with their cousins and I had lots of free time I could have used for blogging about health, exercising, and/or continuing to write the children’s program I’m working on for our church.


    Want to know what I did instead?  I read.  A lot.  My sister in law loaned me a copy of her book, The Help, and I was hooked.  I read the entire book on our little jaunt away from home.  While I did make some good choices…like taking a walk each day we were away, eating some good things {and some not so great things}, drinking lots of water {even when everyone around me was drinking lots of soda}, and spending lots of quality time with the husband and the kiddos, I also vegged a bunch.  I only looked at my phone a handful of times {which for me is saying a lot}, and didn’t get on my laptop at all!


    I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  {And I totally recommend the book-so so good!}


    Then I woke up this morning.  To this to-do list that’s about a mile long.  And a gigantic pile of vacation laundry.  And real life.  And Medifast for every meal except dinner since I enjoyed lots of goodies this weekend.  Monday mania, I tell you.

    So while I’d love to stay and write lots of interesting things, you’ll have to stay tuned.  This week I’ll have a review of a product I’ve been wanting to try for months, a lesson from Cathy Zielske, a post on perspective, and probably an “I can’t sleep I’m so nervous for the dirty dash” post, too.


    For now, I better get the next load of laundry going, hop on the treadmill, and decide what’s for dinner!



2 Responses to Monday Mania

  • Candace Nielson wrote on August 22, 2011 at 9:56 // Reply

    Glad you enjoyed your vaction-and are normal-taking time for yourself. I have a love/hate relationship with Monday myself. Glad they always over and commit me to doing/being better each week after a failed weekend.

  • TyLeen wrote on August 23, 2011 at 10:04 // Reply

    I just have a confession. It has really nothing to do with this last post but it is a confession non the less. As you may know, I have been trying to lose weight like forever (and if I could convince my husband the money was worth it to him I would join your “club”) and just about 3 weeks ago I started the couch to 5k program. I was scared for yesterday because it was running for 3 minutes. I have always said “I am not a runner”, “I am not good at running”, “It is too hard”. Yesterday, oh yesterday I was in love with running. I couldn’t believe that my 3 minutes was over when it was. I could have run all night.
    I don’t think I will become “that” runner but I sure can do it. I can do anything I set my mind too. It was great.

    Also, Karli, I L.O.V.E this blog. You are awesome! Keep up the good work.


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