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    Confession: It totally helps me make better food choices when I am accountable to someone other than myself.

    So every once in a while I will be sharing my day in food with you.                                        Here was YESTERDAY.

    8:00 amMedifast brownie, 2 T pb2, 2 T reddi wipIMG_5002Yes I started my day with a brownie. Because I can! And because it’s so delicious & healthy & nutritious! Yum! I usually buy the light reddi wip, but they were out, so I got the regular. (Two quick squirts…though sometimes I’m tempted to put it in my mouth & just eat the whole can!) (;

    11:00 amMedifast chocolate mint crunch bar, bananaIMG_5004Ate this in the car after a doctor’s appointment.  Love the convenience and ease of our program

    1:00 pm– 1.5 c. romaine, 4 oz. shredded pork, 1T salsa, 1/4c creamy cilantro dressing, 1/8c. shredded cheese, 1/4c. avocado, 1 clementineIMG_5009This dressing is another thing I could eat with a spoon! So delicious! And, I left half the seeds in so it was very spicy & yum!

    4:00 pmGreek yogurt, 1/4c. GranolaIMG_50017:00 pm– 5 oz. tilapia, green beans, 1/3c. Quinoa {I make mine in chicken broth instead of water & that’s all the flavoring it needs}IMG_50149:15 pm– Medifast brownie, 2 T pb2, 2 T reddi whip {see above picture}

    I repeated my morning meal because I LOVE the brownie so much.  And for 170 calories, you can’t go wrong! 

    Water: 144 oz.

    What did YOU eat today?  Share in the comments-I’d love to hear!


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  • Sandra wrote on September 30, 2013 at 7:29 // Reply

    Just curious – Are you on the nursing program or is everyone allowed to eat other items along with Medifast throughout the day?


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