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    Three things I think are absolutely essential for one to be successful while getting & then while staying healthy are:


    1. Preparation.  First, it’s important that you’ve properly prepared.  I suggest starting by writing down a list of goals.  Be specific, not vague.  This is not something to take lightly. Write them down & put them somewhere you can see  often.  Take pictures, take measurements, clean out your cupboards, get rid of anything tempting, and tell the people closest to you what you’re trying to accomplish.  After you’ve started on your journey, be prepared by always taking meals with you.  Case in point.  Toward the beginning of my journey with Take Shape for Life, I was going to be spending a day out of town.  I’d been taught the being prepared lesson, so I counted out how many hours I’d be gone.  I decided I’d need 3 meals before making it home that evening.  So I packed 4 in my purse & was out the door.  As is commonly the case in my life, the day spanned out much longer than I’d anticipated.  I ate faithfully every 2.5-3 hours and used my four meals.  It was getting time to eat again and I was getting irritable because my well laid plans were crumbling around me.  Rather than search for a place that would have a great lean & green option, I chose to sulk & not eat anything.  I got home and was RAVENOUS, choosing to eat some less than stellar things.  Looking back at the situation later, I realized how easily I could have remedied the situation.  Being overly prepared {planning twice as much as I thought I’d need}, would have helped a ton.  Being flexible would have been a great skill to possess at that time, as well. (;

    2. Accountability.  This one is huge. Having to answer to someone helps us make better choices, keeps us more conscious and aware of the things that we are doing, and encourages us to be honest with ourselves and with the person we are reporting to. Having a health coach was huge for me in my journey and one of my driving motivations in becoming a health coach myself was that my clients would keep me accountable because they were watching me to make sure I practice what I preach.  Another thing accountability helps us do is to take responsibility for our actions.  When I was in high school and college, I used to blame my weight issues on anything/one I could.  It definitely wasn’t my fault I was overweight.  It was my situations, my circumstances, the world, etc.  Blah, blah, blah.  Seriously.  Someone should have slapped me in the face.  I finally learned and recognized the importance in taking responsibility for the things that were in my control.  I was fat because I ate too much.  I was fat because I loathed exercise and didn’t want to get off my butt & move.  It was my fault.  This thought may depress some, but for me it was a huge wake up call.  If it was my fault, it was in my control.  I had the power to choose to change.  I made the choice and have kept myself accountable to it ever since.  Now, when I choose to make unhealthy choices for my body, I own them and realize I better be willing to take the consequences that come along with them.  Be accountable.

    3. Consistency.  This one’s vitally important.  It doesn’t just mean be consistent for a little while, or even until we reach our goals, its long term, pretty much fooorreevveerr.  {sandlot reference}.  I read something recently that said change is the combination of effort and time. {elna baker} This spoke to me because it’s been my tendency in the past to be consistent until I get the thing I desire and then once the goal has been achieved, the consistency becomes less & less til suddenly, it’s a rarity.  For lasting change, we have to be consistent  in our efforts over time.  For me, this reality looks like the following: continue to make great food choices 90% of the time while in maintenance.  Choose to exercise 5-6 days a week til it becomes a habit so tightly woven into me that I can’t imagine not fitting it in.  Choosing sleep over an extra hour of Hulu shows because I value how great I feel when well rested.  Being aware of the things I put into and do to my body because I recognize and realize its inherent beauty and value.  I know that making these choices consistently over time will enable me to reach my fundamental goal, which is simply Freedom.  Freedom from sickness & disease.  Freedom from being controlled by food.  Freedom to spend time with the people I love most.  Being consistent is a skill I’m still working on and trying to fine tune, but definitely one I value & strive to achieve daily.

    If you’re truly interested in attaining your goals & are ready to take the plunge & do these three things listed above, let me know.  Spread the word to those you love who might be interested.  Contact me using the form below or email me at and start the journey toward your goals!

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