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    Confession: I find myself using cliche phrases like the title above often since becoming a parent.  {Ex: As long as you live in my house, you’ll listen to me.  And, my dad’s favorite: it’ll feel better when it stops hurting.}

    Did any of you hear the “no free lunch” phrase?  I can’t say I was ever specifically told this, but recently it was the first thing that popped into my head.  I have been doing awesome back on the 5&1 for a short stint working on losing a few more pounds before trying to get pregnant later this fall.  {Yay for possible new babies in our future!} 

    I had been totally rocking it.  Just staying on track, watching the pounds drop, not being too tempted, etc.  After a particularly rewarding first accountability episode on the scale, I celebrated later that day…by eating.  Whatever I wanted.  Totally taking myself out of fat burning mode and enjoying the binge.

    For a few minutes.

    Until I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.  Because I had a stomachache.  A headache.  I was grumpy, tired, disappointed in myself and my lack of willpower & desire to reward myself with a non food item.  Had I learned NOTHING?  I was sad thinking about having to get back into fat burning mode and possibly undoing some of the progress I’d worked so hard for the previous 9 days. 

    After that it was harder for me to get back on strict track for a few days + I was paying for that binge in every way.  I was 75% on, 25% off.  It wasn’t working.  I went to weigh in for my second weigh in and found it much less rewarding.  But very well deserved. 

    Since then I’ve been more careful.  I’ve been less eager to reward with “free things” that aren’t really free.  It might seem worthwhile for a second of pleasure, but it’s so not worth the intense discomfort & feeling of yuckiness afterward. 

    That “no free lunch” phrase has stuck with me.  There really are no free lunches.  There are consequences for every choice-however seemingly big or small-we make. 

    For now, I’ll be rewarding with new dresses, shoes, jewelry, etc. because the consequences that come from those choices are much less painful!

    PS: after hopping back from that not-so-free-“lunch,” I felt awesome rocking some cute capris from my stylish mom & there were no awful side effects…just a euphoria that only comes for me when I’m doing and being the best I can and feeling pretty cute doing it.


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  • alisa wrote on July 22, 2012 at 2:34 // Reply

    You are the cutest thing ever! I love your Blog love, seeing your pics on instagram, and just plain love ya.
    I too am trying to lose a few more pounds before diving into the pregnancy clothes…I’m a little on the fence about it all. It’s hard mentally after dropping 50 lbs to go back to that world and I plan on trying hard not to this time around. You better blog a lot to keep me motivated :)


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