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    Confession: I took my scale on vacation with me.

    Yep.  Last week the Mister and I took our boys and escaped to the mountains for a few blissful days of much needed R&R.  I majorly over packed, as I am generally prone to do, but one item I do not regret making room for despite it’s awkwardness is my scale.  I debated in my head beforehand, but ultimately decided to throw it in and boy am I glad I did. 

    My weekly weigh in day is Sunday and I am a strict once a week weigher.  Weighing daily just makes this girl flippin paranoid and we DO NOT need any of that in this house.  Once a week suits me fine.  I knew we’d be gone til Monday and I wanted an accurate accounting of the previous week.  We headed out Thursday and had a great weekend!  So thankful for the sweet men I’ve been blessed with and loved spending a perfect Valentine’s day {read: jammies all day, making them a big delicious breakfast while drinking my on plan hot cocoa, watching Disney movies & Full House episodes, reading, cuddling with all four of my guys} right at the stage we are at in life.  meandboysblogSo Saturday night I was STRESSING.  I had done well all week on plan with everything I have control over.  But, one thing I couldn’t control was the lack of sleep I got almost all week because of a teething + fussier than normal baby.  Sleep or lack of it majorly affects my weight loss each week, so I was preparing myself for a minimal loss or even maintaining. 

    Sunday morning I jumped out of bed {isn’t it fun to WANT to weigh?!} and hopped on the scale before getting in the shower.  I let out a WHOOP!  I was down 2.6 pounds for the week and in the next set of tens: 159.0!  Yay!  The mister celebrated with me and I was on cloud 9 all day!  159blogThe new number was exciting, but the coolest part was definitely staying on plan despite being on vacation and NOT FEELING DEPRIVED!  Taking my scale was a definite motivator for keeping me accountable and keeping me on track in body + mind.  So if you’re doing awesome and have a tempting trip planned, pack your scale!  Then let me know how it goes! (;

    {FYI: total loss since 10.20=28.8 pounds.  If you need help getting to your weight loss goals & want a self proclaimed awesome health coach, reach out!  Through March 2nd you can receive up to $70 off your first order-ask me for details!}


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  • Amanda wrote on March 27, 2014 at 1:35 // Reply

    I am going on a trip this weekend and am packing my scale. I also do once weekly weigh-ins on Sundays and will be out of town Fri-Mon evening. I did a Google search to see if I was the only person crazy enough to do such a thing and was relieved to find this post.


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