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    Confession: I used to feel guilty putting myself first in any capacity.

    Aren’t we-women especially-prone to doing that?  Society has wired it into our brains.  We are supposed to do it all.  Perfect wife/mother/housekeeper/friend/church & community member/sister/aunt/neighbor/breadwinner, etc. 

    I totally fell into that trap and tried to do it all & be it all for everyone else.  The thing is, I started losing me.  Who I was intrinsically as a person.  What motivated me, what excited me. 

    My husband is the best.  Seriously.  I fully stand by the adage that he’s not perfect, but he’s completely perfect for me.  He notices when I don’t put myself first {on the surface everything is fine & then subconsciously, I start taking the lack of me time out on everyone I love} and encourages me to do so.  He knows that a happy wife means a happy life. (;

    As I began scheduling myself as a priority, I realized how truly unselfish it was.  Of course I could go overboard & just focus on me all the time, {aka: selfish}, but that’s really not my nature or personality.  The amazing effects started showing up instantly.  Namely, I am better.  My personal bucket is filled and I have more to give in every area of my life.  I am a happier wife & mom.  I’m generally a more confident woman.  I strive to serve the people I love more.  I am more present in daily interactions because I am rested, thankful, and happy. 

    Here are a few of the ways I schedule ME as a priority. 

    1. Naps.  At least twice a week I work in a 20-60 minute nap.  Many Sunday afternoons, my husband will occupy the boys for a blissful 90 minutes of rest for me.  Naps=Gold for Moms.

    2. Massage. Robin Sharma recommends a twice weekly massage.  I started with a monthly membership and it has been a well worthwhile investment.  By the time that appointment comes around every fourth week it is just what I need and that 60-90 minutes is pure bliss.  I’m working toward getting to the weekly status! (;

    3. Girlfriend/Boyfriend time.  Even though I work two days a week & my kids go to a sitter’s, it’s not really “kid free down time,” because I’m working really hard to get everything I need to done so I can focus more fully on them when they’re here.  I cannot stress enough how important one-on-one adult time is for me.  Even a scheduled 60 minute phone call {or facetime session} with my BFF once a week is enough to fill the bucket for a while.  Of course time with my boyfriend {aka: husband} is crucial as well, and we try to get a good chunk of time daily if possible, but always weekly where we get a date night & at the very least we put the boys to bed, sit in the car outside with the tunes one, and have a good conversation. 

    4. Morning routine + Reading + Netflix.  Getting up at 5:00 is a sacrifice, but it has proved to be one of the best “me” things I could do.  I LOVE that time alone.  I love getting on the treadmill and either reading a book or catching up on one of my Netflix shows.  It’s productive and enjoyable.  It is a habit that ebbs & flows as far as its consistency, but when I do it, I feel better & get more done.  It’s a win-win. {PS: I can’t overemphasize the part that the exercise component of this morning routine plays in this.  It’s vital.}

    5. TSFL.  Take Shape for Life has been critical to all of the above, because it’s been such a game changer in my life.  Not only do I continue to order meals every month {our whole family loves them}, but it’s taught me the habits that will help me be better for those around me.  And, it’s made me make myself a priority.  It was a definite sacrifice in the beginning, but now I know it was the right thing at the right time to totally change my world.  Coaching is also something I do for me.  My clients become my friends.  I care deeply about their success.  On my “work” days, I get to communicate with amazing and wonderful adults who I relate to and cheer for.  I am well compensated by the company for a job that is so enjoyable it doesn’t feel like work.  This program and business has changed our entire family’s lives for good.

    Ideally I’d love to come to your house & watch your kids so you could get a nap once a week, send you to get a monthly massage, hang out with you without kids for some adult conversation, etc., but in most cases it’s not feasible.  I can, however, be your health coach.  I can help you find optimal health.  I can have you join my team & help others become healthy.  If you’re ready to finally put yourself first in the most important area of your life-your health-contact me.  I can and will give you 5% off a new client first month’s order through September 30th.  Within four days I know you’ll feel so much better.  You’ll feel the benefits of filling your bucket so you can fill others!  Reach your goals before the Holiday’s hit.

    What are YOU going to do to start scheduling YOU as a priority? 


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