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    It’s been six weeks since I posted THIS about my spring leaning challenge.  I finished my 42 days strong & LOVED the experience.  Yesterday was judgement day.  Weighing & measuring after six weeks of consistently working out a minimum of 5 days a week, clean eating, lots of water, and trying my best. 

    The results were:
    Six week Progress Weight: 155.0 {minus 8 pounds in 6 weeks}
    Six week Progress Bodyfat %: 25.2 {minus 2.9% in 6 weeks}

    It’s been said it takes a good four weeks for you to notice a difference in your body, 8 weeks for friends & family to notice, and 12 weeks for major noticeable differences, so even though I can’t see a ton of difference in the two sets of pics, I have felt totally different & am noticing so many things myself!  My clothes are fitting better, I’m feeling stronger, and daily activities are easier.  I’ve lost over 9 inches in six weeks all over and most exciting to me was 1.5 inches above each of my knees!  I’ve always dreamed of having more feminine knees & I’m on my way! sixweekprogresswebbefore_sixweekswebHere are some of the things I learned in the process:

    -Six weeks flies by!  The clock keeps ticking no matter how I choose to act, so my actions might as well lead to health.  It’s easy to say, “I can have this sugar laden treat now-I have tons of time & I can work it off,” but really?  We can’t out exercise a bad diet and 2 bad days can take a good solid week to undo.!  With that said, I took a few planned out & scheduled “Free” fuelings {I still kept track of them} and a couple completely out of control free fuelings-turned 1-2 days.  After feeling completely awful-sick to my stomach-I decided it was much better to stay true to my program and feel good.  Imagine that!

    -Feeling good about myself branches out into every aspect of my life.  I concentrated on making sure I got healthy movement, healthy fuel, and healthy sleep as often as possible over the past six weeks and because of that, my kids, my husband, our family, our marriage, and even our home benefited.  I was happier, slower to get irritated, more energized, and more productive.

    -Planning, as I’ve mentioned before, is HUGE!  Meal planning, grocery shopping, meal prepping, scheduling…these things cannot be overemphaszed.  They were a big part of my success.  Meal replacements were also extremely helpful to me.  I alternated between a 4&2 and 3&3 type day where 3 or 4 of my meals were meal replacements {healthy & balanced of course} and 2 or 3 were healthy & balanced whole foods meals.

    -Having a support system {my husband, health coach, a few clients who did this alongside me, a friend to workout with, etc.} is vital.  They kept me going, cheered for me, noticed the small improvements, and encouraged me to keep on keeping on, even when I couldn’t see the changes.

    So what now?  Am I done?  Did I celebrate “finishing” with a pizza & ice cream?  Nope!  I am continuing on with this healthier lifestyle and anxious to see my results in another six weeks.  I’ll keep you posted and if you need personal help with your goals, don’t hesitate to contact me for a phone or one on one conversation to see if one of our programs is right for you.  Oh and PS- not a single one of my workouts took more than 30 minutes to finish, I ate my vitamins rather than having to remember a complicated schedule of pill popping, and I ate protein, fat, AND carbohydrates.  Ask me how!  {}


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    What are you doing for workouts?


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