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    In the last six weeks:

    -I had a darling baby boy
    -I began adjusting to three children
    -I went on a family vacation to the ocean
    -I ate quite a bit of unhealthy food (& lots of good stuff too)
    -I lost the initial 15 pounds of baby weight & then hit a plateau (I’m sure all the yucky foods I was eating had nothing to do with the weight loss stall!)
    -I began to feel really bad. My body hurt. Inflammation, foot pain, back pain, etc. Bad habits were catching up with me.
    -I was diagnosed with impetigo (eww!) & put on an antibiotic.
    -I had a minor panic attack when I saw a mouse run across our dining room floor & didn’t rest till we’d caught it. We are for sure getting a cat in the near future!
    -I finally determined to make some changes & start my journey back to a healthy me.

    I’ve missed writing.
    I’m making a comeback.
    Want to join me?
    Look for more tomorrow.


2 Responses to Six weeks

  • Susie Stout wrote on September 2, 2013 at 9:17 // Reply

    love you! You are such an inspiration! FIscher really is darling and you’re going to Rock this weight loss!

  • Kylee wrote on September 2, 2013 at 9:39 // Reply

    So glad that you are back to writing. I thought it would be so much *easier* losing the weight this time around because I was more *prepared* with what to expect. But, then life happens :) I am just now trying to seriously get back into the game of getting myself back on track. You have always been such an inspiration for me and I know you will do amazing with reaching your goals!


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