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    I’m taking a cue from my favorite photographer and doing a TEN on TUESDAY style post today. It’s a “Favorites” edition.  Enjoy & share your favorites from this past week in the comments.  What’s lifting your spirits or making you smile this week?  Here are TEN of my recent favorites:

    Recipe: Roasted AsparagusasparagusClient Success Story: Wendy did awesome on plan!  Such an incredible example of being a fully integrated client.  She didn’t treat the program like a diet and has kept the weight off because of that!  She is a busy mama of EIGHT kids + runs her own business and keeps up with her family, church, and community.  She still managed to commit to taking care of herself, lost the weight, and gained health!  I’d love to help you! Click her pic to view larger. {Contact me for info on becoming a client or a coach: zkyoufit@hotmail.com, 541.216.2018}wendyExercise: Burpees

    Stretch: Foam Roller Work {these hurt so good!}

    Quote: “Small minds discuss people.  Average minds discuss events.  Great minds discuss ideas.” {Eleanor Roosevelt}  Husband LOVES this quote so I had it made up in vinyl for him for Easter and it’s now on the wall in our bedroom.  We both work hard to rise above gossip & meaningless conversation to talk about things that will move us forward in all aspects of our lives.  We also realize that knowledge un-applied is practically worthless, so we’re working on taking the ideas we’ve discussed & making them a reality. 

    Pin: This Because, let’s face it, some days I just want it all! 

    Things I’m looking forward to: I’m hosting a Mother’s day brunch for my Moms, Grandmas, & Sisters this weekend, G {6} is finishing up his first soccer season this week-it’s been a blast watching him improve & my BFF is coming to visit in less than two weeks!

    Favorite Teacher Appreciation idea & Favorite Mother’s day idea:teacherideaNon Scale Victory: I lost almost 27 inches from October 20th to March 31st {and 30 pounds!}, but from March 31st to May 2nd, I lost an additional NINE inches!  That tells me that the exercise & clean eating I’m doing is making a big difference.  The scale is essentially staying the same, but the inches are decreasing and clothes are fitting better which means I’m replacing fat with muscle and that totally excites me!

    Opportunity: Health Coaching! This is by far the most rewarding “job” I’ve ever had & has been such a blessing to our family financially, socially, and in countless other areas.  If you live in or near Anaheim or just want an excuse to take the kids on a fun Disney vacation, come to a portion of our National Convention.  Info HERE.  I’d love to meet up and chat about what I get to do for a living!DisneylandWhat are you LOVING this week?


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  • Maggie wrote on May 6, 2014 at 2:05 // Reply

    Loved reading your Top 10 list this week. We love roasted asparagus around here too! Thanks for the great links too. So fun Amber is coming to visit soon!


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