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    Confession: I am being very vulnerable today.

    12 years ago when I met my husband {who was my trainer then}, he introduced me to a valuable measuring tool for health.  It was about a week after I’d began training with him and I still felt very middle-school-crush type feelings when I was with him.  After all, I was easily 70 pounds heavier than him and he was a very fit and very attractive guy.  I was totally crushing and didn’t think the feelings would ever be mutual.  Then he asks me to ride to town with him?  Um, yes.  What I didn’t know was this wasn’t a joy ride or a date {I was a big dreamer, okay?!}, it was an appointment at a local gym to have our bodyfat percentages tested.  WHAT?  I did NOT sign up for this, Mister!  Get me out of here.  How mortifying! 

    The experience was humbling, to say the least.  Of course Z made me feel completely comfortable and encouraged me that this was a great measurement number to have moving forward so we could see more of my progress.  I still have that little piece of paper from the test.  I was well over the 35% mark, falling into the very obese category for my age/gender/height.  But, I was encouraged to think that it could only get better from there.  2013-01-16 Body Fat PercentageFrom that point and over the next several years I worked hard.  I did cardio, I lifted weights, I drank lots of water and ate six healthy meals a day.  I was conscientious of what I put into my body and at my fittest, I got down to 19% bodyfat.  The scale had gone down too over time-about 50+ pounds over time-but the bodyfat was a much better indicator because I had turned so much of my fat into lean muscle. 

    Fast forward to having three beautiful baby boys, gaining & losing weight, finding this great program and becoming a coach, and recently losing 30 pounds.  The scale was at that plateau point it likes to sit at and I was frustrated.  I needed a kickstart.  Enter April 7th 2014.  I started a 6 week spring leaning challenge.  It includes 5-6 days exercise each week, healthy eating, lots of water, and utilizing body fat % as a measurement point rather than the scale alone.  I weighed in on day one and had my bodyfat tested.  I will do both again at the end of the six weeks. 

    I debated about putting these stats & pics up, but I’m nothing if not forthcoming and authentic, so here they are: {I’m 5’6”}
    Starting Weight: 163.0
    Starting Bodyfat %: 28.1  springleaningbeforepicI am on day 11 of 42 & feeling pretty dang good.  Sore, but good.  I’ll continue posting things I’m learning along the way + recipes/meals/workouts/tips & tricks here and on my Facebook page & Instagram account, so follow along, join in, and kick butt!  Oh, and go get your bodyfat tested.  The scale only tells us so much.  scalecannotmeasure{pic via google images}


4 Responses to the skinny on my fat

  • Lyndia ausman wrote on April 17, 2014 at 3:16 // Reply

    This is a great post, I love it! That saying is great too. You are an inspiration to us regular moms both young and not so young!

  • Tami wrote on April 17, 2014 at 4:08 // Reply

    You are my hero. And you inspire me. Every. Single. Day. {love you}

  • Alisa wrote on April 20, 2014 at 9:24 // Reply

    I love you so much! You are such a motivation! I just had my fat pinched…my goal is to drop 4% points the next 4 weeks…I’m super scared. I’m a mfp geek and just started lifting weights and LOVE it. We’ll see what happens. I’m right there on the same journey with ya!


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