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    Confession: I’ve been SWAMPED lately and the blog was a bit neglected.

    Truer Confession: I chose to watch episodes on Hulu with my husband in the evenings rather than blogging.  (;


    I miss it when I’m gone, though.  So here I am today.
    With a couple random {but extremely exciting} things to share.

    ONE. My aunt wrote this and it totally resontated with me.
    Want to know why?

    Because sometimes I forget in the short term what my ultimate why is.  I gain a few pounds back because I get lazy with my eating & exercise routine.  I climb on the scale regularly and see that, and at times feel completely disappointed in myself.  Then I remember this.  One thing Take Shape for Life has done for me that no diet/plan/program had ever been able to do in the past, is to teach me that I can’t go back to where I was in my “before” stage.  Not ever.  I know too much.  I care too much.  I always-even in the midst of a weekend of bad decisions-have that fixed idea of who I want to be and what I want to accomplish in the back of my mind.  So I get back on track and move in that direction again.  Even if “eventually” doesn’t mean I’ll get there today or tomorrow, as long as I’m on the right track & keeping that fixed idea of what I want and why I want it, I’ll get there.

    And, that’s enough for me.

    TWO. Totally excited because my sweet friend Jenn is featured in O Magazine this month!  {pg 90}  Of course I ran out & bought a copy at Winco while stocking up on veggies and it was so awesome to see someone I know, love, and admire on the pages of that magazine.  Being celebrated for her amazing accomplishment!  Jenn lost 194 pounds in 15 months on our program and I just adore her.  She is the real deal and I’m so so happy for her!  The coolest thing is that on a daily basis I am blessed to chat with clients who are having success like this.  Whether it’s 5 pounds or 200 you want to lose, if you’re a diabetic wanting to possibly get off your medications, if you’re a nursing mom wanting to lose weight while still providing your baby with nourishment, if you’re intolerant to gluten, if you’re a vegetarian {and the list goes on!}, we have a plan for you!  If you or someone you know wants any of these things & wants to have me as a FREE health coach and try this awesome program, mention this post by name when we chat & receive $25 off your first order + the amazing discounts & special offers you receive anyway.  Spread the word.  Offer ends April 30th.   {use contact form, email:, or call/text 541.992.2464 to get started!}
    THREE. I’ve had a mantra for the past six months or so that I repeat to myself every day.  I don’t always believe it, but I consistently say it in hopes of it becoming a truer truth each day.  When I did the giveaway on Valentine’s Day, I ordered my mantra on a ring for myself.  I’ve been wearing it for several days now.  I love it and it’s been a visual reminder each day to stay focused on what I really want and to really do hard things.  An extra little thought on this matter.  Everyone’s “hard” is something different.  Don’t judge.  My hard might be easy for you & vice versa.  The grass is never greener, so be sensitive to each other’s “hard” stuff and consistently encourage and build up those around you.


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  • amber fischer wrote on April 11, 2012 at 2:08 // Reply

    I love this entire post, but especially that last sentence. I’m going to keep that in the forefront of my brain. ( :

  • Rachel Nielsen wrote on April 11, 2012 at 2:58 // Reply

    I am with Amber!! I need to keep that in mind as well and this was a fabulous blog post to remind me that I can do hard things! Thanks Karli! You are always so inspiring!

  • Kara wrote on April 11, 2012 at 3:57 // Reply

    Beautiful message! Desperately wish I could afford the program (because I DESPERATELY need to lose weight), but it just isn’t in the cards right now. LOVE your mantra, though!


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