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    It’s been a while & I wanted to give a heads up as to what’s going on around here.

    My routine was almost perfect for 3.5 weeks.  I was on a roll, loving my holy hours that came from being a member of the 5:00 am club, and enjoying the progress I was making.

    Then, my 2 year old got sick.  A different sick than he’s ever been.  A scary kind of sick.  For the past 12 nights, I’ve gotten an average of 3 hours of sleep each night.  Lots of tears {him & me}, 3 trips to the doctor, some tests, and finally, yesterday, a positive test result for Pertussis-aka: whooping cough.  Yes, he’s been immunized.  No, we’re not sure why he was affected so badly.  He has finished his antibiotic and now the rest of our little family is being treated as a precaution, including extended family who are around him often.

    Needless to say, the past 3 weeks have taken a toll.  My program {and any semblance of a healthy lifestyle} flew out the window.  I’m desperate to get it back.  I feel terrible.  Bloated, unattractive, weak, etc.  I take full responsibility for the way I feel-no excuses.  I know I could have found time to exercise & could have {and should have} used the Medifast meals as my energy fuelings to help me feel the best I could.  I made a choice not to though, and now I’m experiencing the consequences.  Like I so often try to teach my 4 year old, for every choice we make-positive or negative-there is a consequence, good or bad.  I made some less than stellar choices the past couple weeks and I am paying for them.

    Last night was the first night I had five hours of sleep.  I felt strangely refreshed this morning and am hoping we are on the upward hill for the little guy.  At least he’s mostly happy & always super cuddly. (:

    So here’s my plan: tomorrow is the start of a fresh week.  I plan on waking early each morning, getting 5 workouts in, drinking 150+ ounces water each day, and feeding my body 6 healthy fuelings throughout each day.  I will report back & expect to be held accountable.

    P.S. With the extra cuddling & down time, I’ve caught up on a few shows on Hulu & Netflix.  Some of my past & current favorites are: Psych, Lie to Me, Greek, Glee, Up All Night, Gilmore Girls, Drop Dead Diva, Jane by Design, Melissa & Joey, Hoarding-Buried Alive, Bent, The Office, Wonder Years, Saved by the Bell, New Girl & Community.  I will often watch a show and hear a song & think, “I wish I knew who sang this so I could download it.”  Well GUESS WHAT?  I came across the coolest site ever.  It’s called Tune Find and it’s “the largest online directory of music heard on TV shows.”  Totally amazing!  I just typed the name of some of my favorites into the search bar & it pulls this dictionary of songs up by season & episode.  I then created a playlist on Spotify using some of my favorites.  Check it out & share what you find & love with me!


5 Responses to under the weather

  • Kristy France wrote on June 2, 2012 at 3:43 // Reply

    Glad to hear your little one is on the mend. I WILL hold you accountable on your back of track plans! I myself have been trying the 6am club (I am no where near 5) :) Most days it is working… 😉

  • Jenn wrote on June 2, 2012 at 3:47 // Reply

    Drop Dead Diva is one of my favorite shows! I’m glad the family is okay. :)

  • Maggie wrote on June 2, 2012 at 5:11 // Reply

    Oh Karli, so sorry to hear your little one has been so sick. I can understand why you’re exhausted. I know you’ll get back in your routine again. I need to get myself into the 5 a.m. club! I know it would be a good choice for me too. You’re such an inspiration-not because you do it all right all the time, but because you’re so real and honest. Thank you!!


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